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Romsterjaeger, core/gmp is at 6.0.0. and compat-32/gmp-32 is at 6.0.0.a01:32
Romstererr 6.0.0.a01:33
Romsterman did it wrong again i mean 6.0.0a01:33
jaegerI did the gmp-32 update after frinnst's comment about 6.0.0a01:37
jaegershouldn't cause any issues01:37
jaegersupposedly only a documentation change01:38
Romsterother than a couple of ports of teks that i've submitted bug reports too i've compiled everything for my system on 3.1 now.01:43
Romsteri had a few of mine i had to patch for readline01:43
Romsterbut i haven't tested everything yet.01:43
Romsteri'm just gonna install the packages on another disk copy over my /etc and boot it up.01:46
Romstercopy kernel over as well and bootloader.01:46
Romsteris there much left to test?01:47
Romsteroh i would really like to try out llvm 3.4 as well.01:48
jaegerIs llvm 3.4 a big change or drop-in?01:49
Romsterbig new release01:53
Romsterstatic analyzer has greatly improved C++ support, produces fewer false positives and catches more bugs01:54
Romstercode generator, overall performance is greatly increased01:54
Romsterso worth testing01:54
Romsterthis is in january it's now march and it's nearly april fools day.01:56
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frinnstasdf, url to 3.1-test iso?06:41
Romsterfrinnst, somewhere06:43
Romsterin tmp/06:43
frinnstdoh, only checked the updated dir :)06:46
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frinnsthm, upgrading to 3.1 at work, some issues with X12:41
frinnstxauth: .serverauth.<pid> does not exist12:41
frinnstbad displayname and other crap12:41
frinnsthm, seems something was a bit fucked. reboot solved it12:47
frinnstbut dem broken packages/libs :D12:47
frinnstyeah i have half of the internets installed on this machine12:59
frinnstqt4 needs to be rebuilt after upgrade, that takes tiiime12:59
frinnststupid crappy i3 workbox13:01
frinnstimagemagick needs a footprint update for perl/3.113:07
jaegerI'm going to bump gmp to 6.0.0a in 3.1 if nobody objects. So it'll be consistent with gmp-3213:10
frinnstgo nuts13:11
jaegerwent ahead and did it since really when I said "nobody" I meant you :) since you made the 6.0.0a comment previously13:18
frinnstgah, thunderbird, qt4, chromium13:27
frinnstshiiiite cpu13:27
frinnstdualcore + ht13:27
jaegermaybe build some in a chroot on your i7?13:28
jaegeror use distcc13:28
frinnstits usually not a problem. but since everything is broken thanks to libpng... ;)13:28
frinnstits that fucker who maintains libpngs fault!13:29
jaegercan't trust that guy13:29
frinnstwe probably need to make a notification regarding /dev/pts mountoptions in our announcement. i doubt anybody will merge /etc/fstab13:31
jaegerProbably so13:37
frinnstwoo, qt4 done14:09
Romsteri made the comment that gmp-32 and gmp didn't match14:23
Romsteri have built all the ports if you want me to upload somewhere14:23
frinnstnah, shouldnt be long now :D14:24
jaegerwasn't referring to your comment, was referring to frinnst's14:24
Romsterdoens't really matter though14:26
juefrinnst: yep, definitely17:55
jueFYI, just pushed new versions of readline and bash to 3.117:55
juefrinnst: if you feel like, just start writing our release notes :)17:57
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