IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-04-08

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jaegerheyo, jue14:49
jaegerhow goes?14:52
juethanks, all well :)14:53
jaegergood :)14:53
jueyeah, had a nice week in our 'Allgäu', that's a bavarian region near the 'Bodensee'14:57
jueand my netbook with 3.1 on it works flawless too ;)14:57
jaegerGlad to hear it15:03
frinnstmupdf url broken?16:28
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juefrinnst: indeed, thanks16:36
jaegerteK__: why doesn't the rtorrent port install the rtorrent manpage? Was there some problem with it?18:03
jaegerteK__: looking more closely I'm guessing because docbook2man is required18:11
jaegeralso the source xml file seems to be missing. :P never mind. :)18:16
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