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frinnstlooks like the next xorg-server won't be far off. it introduces a few new deps and integrates glamor rendering09:13
frinnstshould we aim for 3.1 ?09:13
Romsteri haven't been following09:15
Romsterxorg-server 1.1609:17
Romsterglamor is a big thing for ati drivers no?09:18
Romsteror does most video drivers benefit form glamor.09:19
frinnstintel can use it too09:48
frinnstits the only form of 2d accelleration for new'ish amd chips09:49
frinnstuses the 3d engine for 2d09:49
teK__could they agree on one fucking API, anyway?09:53
teK__i.e. unify va vdpau and glamour (if that's appropriate)09:53
frinnstits more like exa (or, whats it called?)10:19
Romstervideo drivers are always lacking :/10:55
frinnstits starting to get quite good actually13:07
prologicour openssl package(s) updated already?13:54
frinnstpitillo: any eta on sepen? there's a new flashplayer with loads of security fixes16:07
frinnsteta = estimated time of arrival (not the basque thing) :D16:07
frinnstIf he's busy moving i dont mind pushing a patch if you think he wont mind16:09
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juefrinnst: the final 1.16 release is scheduled at 2014-07-01, thats around 12 weeks from now, IMO a bit late for 3.1?17:35
pitillofrinnst: I think won't be a problem. If you notice him better18:11
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teK__jaeger: do you happen to know if clang can be built without the llvm _source_ I fear it cannot18:27
jaegerteK__: I don't know, honestly. If it's required, though, I'd add the llvm source to a separate clang port rather than keeping clang in the llvm port. thoughts/objections?18:27
teK__yeah sure but it will require rebuilding of llvm which is not efficient either18:28
jaegerno doubt, but my guess is the number of users who want/need clang is less than those who need llvm18:29
jaegerI might be wrong on that, though18:29
teK__you are probably not18:29
jaegerSo to summarize I'm just aiming for least amount of compiling for general use18:30
teK__Clang is designed to be built as part of an LLVM build.18:30
teK__hmhm :P18:30
jaegerNot to make more work for you :)18:30
teK__that doesnt matter, not maintaining things would be less work too :]18:31
jaegerUp to you, I won't cry if you leave it in. I've got enough CPU :)18:31
teK__not that they found the absolute truth but I peeked at arches clang stuff and they download llvm, too18:33
teK__no I think our  current (planned) approached is best, similarly to the solution I decided for with qemu (x86) and qemu-all (all)18:33
teK__now arch is listing 'contributors' to packages, too18:34
teK__and they use vim modelines in the Pkgbuild18:34
teK__(which, for clang has 256 lines) ... wtf18:34
teK__is rather old, too18:36
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WorksterHowever, the "clang-23" tag includes a whole llvm checkout because it's not possible to build clang the way you can build llvm-gcc-4.2:23:19
Worksterhmm by the looks of it we need a clang-llvm port that'll take longer to compile than jut having clang in llvm either way is not ideal.23:20
Worksterbug report is old -_-23:21
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