IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-04-13

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Romsterbabl and gimp ftp servers are down.06:13
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Romsterand gegl08:35
frinnstyay, another openssl issue08:46
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Romsterthey need todo an entire code review on that pile of crap09:43
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juefrinnst: thanks15:18
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Romsteropenldap can fail to multiple build jobs i'd suggest -j1 on that port18:27
Romsterjaeger, nvidia binary wont build on kernel 3.13.9 depmod errors19:29
Romsteroh hang on i did a bobo19:29
Romsterforgot make modules_install19:32
jaegerjue: we've got quite a few long-lasting things in the bug tracker, wonder if we can clear some of those up for 3.119:47
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frinnstfredrik@nibbler:/etc/cron/daily$ sudo ./makewhatis21:53
frinnstgzip: stdout: Broken pipe21:53
frinnstgzip: stdout: Broken pipe21:53
frinnst3.1, anyone else see it?21:53
jaegerhrmm, yeah21:54
jaegerperhaps a sudo+redirection issue, works as root21:55
frinnstI noticed via the cronjob21:55
frinnststill get it when running as root21:57
jaegerI did not as root, very odd21:58
frinnstabout to become AM here, off to bed i go :)21:58
jaegerannoying. udev-32 would require usbutils-32 which requires libusb-32 which requires udev-3223:36
jaegercan work around by building libusb-32 with --disable-udev but still, dumb23:38
jaegeractually usbutils probably isn't even need, aside from a .pc file23:39

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