IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-04-15

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frinnstbruteforce rebuild got me cups support again06:55
frinnstPOD document had syntax errors at /usr/bin/pod2man line 71.07:01
frinnstMakefile:640: recipe for target 'install_docs' failed07:01
frinnstpatch broken?07:03
teK__btw guys did we reject/accept the most recent contrib application yet?07:20
teK__(and gals(?))07:22
frinnstwho requested? i didnt pay attention :)07:32
frinnstmicrosofts license terms is giving me headaches07:32
Romsteri need to catch up on my emails08:16
teK__dunno, was in a hurry but will review tonight; gotta get shit done !1109:04
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frinnstim busy reading BYTE magazines from -85 on archive.org11:53
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teK__frinnst: not working hardly?12:44
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frinnstschhhh, my boss might hear you13:17
frinnstactually im busy butchering a vcenter update13:18
teK__do you happen to have a list about the block devices (and their) meaning under /dev/tapes/tape0/?13:18
teK__suddenly: vmware13:18
frinnstCould not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems:13:18
frinnstupgrade just died in the middle of it13:19
frinnstnot really, no13:19
frinnstive never had direct contact to tape hardware via nix13:19
jaegerI wonder if we should switch to man-db vs man13:31
teK__ok thx13:32
prologicRomster, why does enchant in contrib depend on glib?13:46
prologicI used to maintain this and in fact I have the exact same version in my personal ports repo13:46
prologicwhich does not depend on glib13:46
prologicBtw, I'm happy to take it over as it's a dependency of my desktop in general with a handy little $HOME/bin/spell tool as well as used by kdb :)13:47
Romsterusing it for webkit hmm but if oyu wanna take it over don't break webkit on me withit ok :)14:24
jaegerseriously, punctuation15:00
jaegerI had to read that sentence 3 times to parse it15:00
Romstersorry i am preocopied15:01
Romster(gtk-theme-config:24413): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_file_read: assertion 'G_IS_FILE (file)' failed15:01
Romsterany idea?15:01
Romsteri can't read vala files to find where the includes are. the binary spits out that message15:02
Romsteralso g_data_input_stream_new and g_data_input_stream_read_line15:02
Romsterhm stracing it15:04
Romsternevermind found the issue missing file.15:12
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juefrinnst: got the same gzip error with makewhatis16:31
juejaeger: yeah, we should probably switch to man-db16:41
jaegerjue: another thing I was idly wondering: do we need both curl and wget in core?16:42
jaegerI wonder if zip and unzip are needed, too16:42
jaegerMaybe some things to trim for 3.2 if not16:42
juewell, we need curl for httpup and wget for pkgmk, but should be easy to convert pkgmk to curl16:46
jueno objections to move zip/unzip to opt if we find a maintainer for it16:48
juewrt open tickets, are there anything we can fix/close instantly?16:51
jaegerI'll have to take another look. maybe the one about manpage compression?16:51
jaeger#978 ppp route16:52
jaeger#976 is the manpage one16:52
jaeger#974 also look simple16:52
jaeger#969 is probably also an easy fix16:53
jaegerNone are really blockers for a release, of course... just piling up16:55
juenot sure, but 978 seems wrong. If we do soemthing we should add the option to wvdial. Though, I have no possibility to test it17:11
jue976, I'd keep gz-compression for man-pages17:11
jaegerregarding ppp I wonder if it could be tested easily over a serial link between two machines or something17:12
jaegerRegarding the route thing, though, what if you use ppp but not wvdial?17:13
jue974 seems wrong to me, never had a package that depends on the original date of files?17:13
jaegerI think that was brought up specifically because of go17:14
jaegerI haven't run into it myself17:14
juejust looked at the /etc/ppp/options I had back in my DSL times, defaultroute was set there among many other things17:16
juestopping now with that, I'll try to find a fix for makewhatis now17:22
juejaeger: but feel free to fix/close the ticket17:36
jaegerthe ppp one?17:37
jaegerI'll do a bit of reading online first, maybe can find the definitive answer17:37
jueno, I mean everything we talked about ;)17:39
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jaegerI have no preference regarding manpage compression17:41
jaegerRegarding the strip timestamp thing do you know of any reason NOT to preserve the timestamp when stripping?17:43
jaegerI'd say it's safe to add defaultroute to the ppp options file as 99% of the time ppp is used for a dial-up internet connection, right? In which case a default route would be necessary17:47
jaegerWhich brings up another point: in 2014 should we keep wvdial and ppp around?17:48
jaegerOn the ISO I mean17:48
jaegerI suppose rp-pppoe also depends on ppp17:50
jueyeah, right17:50
jaegerI will offer to maintain zip and unzip in opt if nobody else specifically wants them. After 3.1, though17:51
jueDSL is very common nowadays AFAIK, for that you need at least ppp and probably rp-pppoe17:52
jaegerI wonder how many users need that during the CRUX install17:54
jaegerLooking at the ppp port we don't ship the options file, do we? It's the default upstream one until the user edits it17:55
jaegerso #978 isn't really even a valid bug17:56
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juejaeger: yep, it's upstream default17:58
jaegerok, I'll close that one17:58
juehmm, the makewhatis problem is definitely a gawk 4.1.1 problem, 4.1.0 works and mawk as well18:00
jaegersome awk option change or a bug?18:02
jueI'd say a bug18:07
juewill investigate more tomorrow18:35
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juebtw, frinnst' request to split out lo from /etc/rc.d/net is still open, any suggestions for a new template /etc/rc.d/net?18:39
jaegerhow about two sections, both commented out: one for static, one for dhcp18:40
jueyeah, that's exactly what I mean18:40
jaegeror maybe leave the dhcp stanza uncommented if preferred18:40
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jaegerI'll paste an alternative idea, sec18:44
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juelooks nice to me18:56
juejaeger: would you mind commiting that together with a /etc/rc.d/lo to 3.1, frinnst' lo suggestion is here ->
juethanks and bbl19:00
jaegertake care19:00
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jaegerI still can't get EFI to work on the 3.1 ISO20:19
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