IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-04-16

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Romsterjaeger, curl is used by ports command. wget for pkgmk16:43
Romsteri'd preer to use curl for pkgmk i did try that ages ago but i could never get reliable results doing that.16:43
jaegerYes, I know where it's used16:50
jaegerThe question/comment was just whether or not we NEED both16:51
jaegerRegarding your comment, though, where would ports use curl?16:55
jaegerhttpup uses it but not ports itself16:55
Romsterjaeger, where do you keep your gnome repo these days i need gvfs for a friends xfce4 desktop for thunars trash can, the person can't live without the trash can.17:02
jaegerthe gnome stuff is ancient, maybe the one from MATE would be better.17:03
Romsterah that's probably a better start. thanks.17:04
frinnstcurl > wget probably17:46
jaegerthe gawk/makewhatis problem has spread to one of my ubuntu servers now, heh21:30
jaegerthough it's running mawk 1.3.321:33
jaeger(not really, just that somebody's cron is set up wrong regarding its from: email :P)21:34
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