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juethe makewhatis bug seems to be more fragile than I thought first13:57
juenot sure if the only bug of the new gawk is, that it unhides a problem we had before already13:58
jaegercould be, I suppose13:58
jaegerdoes man-db have the same issue?13:59
juejaeger: you are seeing the 'gzip: stdout: Broken pipe' message of makewhatis too?13:59
jaegeryes, though on one machine it only happened when run via sudo and not as root. No explanation for that13:59
jueI see the same message while running e.g. 'man curl' and several other man-pages14:01
jaegerhow odd... hadn't noticed that yet14:02
jueto find the related man-pages you can run a 'makewhatis -v 2>&1 | grep gzip -B2'14:02
jueand 'man curl 2>/tmp/man.log ; cat /tmp/man.log' to see the error message14:03
juethe strange thing is, that viewing the man page works just fine14:05
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jaegerI don't get anything from the man stderr output for what that's worth14:29
juesorry, forgot to say, you've to use a man-page from the makewhatis output instead of curl oc14:33
jaegerI did :)14:33
jueok :)14:35
juethat's what I mean with fragile above, it works sometime14:36
jaegerAh, ok14:36
jaegerThis EFI problem is annoying as hell. It's definitely something with the 3.1 packages but I have no idea where. Could be glibc, could be something else15:24
jaegerI've even tried some ghetto-fabulous tests. starting with the latest 3.0-updated ISO15:55
jaegerreplace EFI boot image with the 3.1 version: works15:55
jaegerreplace kernel and initramfs with 3.1 versions: works15:55
jaegerreplace rootfs with 3.1 versions: works15:55
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jueit's strange, I can reproduce the man/gzip error, see
jaegervery weird :(18:11
jaegerhard to troubleshoot since it's not consistent18:11
jueyeah, indeed18:12
jueI don't see why it makes a big difference whether I start a shell with 'bash' or 'exec bash'18:13
jaegervery interesting point, though, because on the test machine I was using earlier I *did* exec bash for a completely unrelated reason18:14
jaegerthough I just tested logging out and back in (via ssh, not local) and it still doesn't show me any output18:15
jueanother point: I can reproduce the error only within a X terminal but not in a getty18:18
jaegerbizarre... something about the ttp/pty?18:18
jueno idea until now18:19
jueunfortunately I'll not be able to work on this the next days, would be nice if someone else could try to reproduce the bug18:21
jueat all I think we should consider switching to man-db, at least for 3.1, even if we had to add another lib to our core-ports for it18:22
jueassumed that the error is specific to our man 1.6 ;)18:23
jaegerI'll investigate man-db18:44
jaegerlibpipeline is the only addition, I think18:44
jaegerand it only needs glibc18:44
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