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Romsteris grof and stuff no good now jaeger ?01:03
jaegerthis just replaces man, groff is still needed01:16
Romsteris it just me or the existing man command is not maintained anymore and it's at the point we need to switch to this or maybe not. man was last modifyed in 201101:34
jaegerman-db seems to be getting more popular and it uses a berkeley db instead of flat files for the whatis database, I think01:35
Romsteri'd prfer fer sqlite3, but since berkeley db is also used for perl and is in ore already. oh but berkeley db is a hash key data table isn't it not the same as a SQL engine.01:39
Romsterprobably a b-tree implementation01:39
Romsterthe fact it's made by a company though and the later major version has a different licence now?01:40
RomsterSQL, Key/Value, XML/XQuery or Java Object storage01:41
Romsterwhy arn't we using that for prt-get instead of a flat file?01:41
Romsteranyways this is probably a good move it'll be more optimized for man pages.01:44
Romsteroh and it's not prt-get it's pkgadd that does the database. probably why it's a flat file.01:45
jaegerneither pkgutils nor prt-get are actively developed02:03
jaegeralso, flat file was the KISS route, I imagine02:04
Romsteryeah and probably a god idea inc ase gdbm or some such database was not working. less dependencies less issues if something is broken.02:05
jaegersome arguments could possibly be made for speed and flexibility when using db or similar but I've not investigated any of that02:10
frinnstyeah both debian and rhel uses man-db iirc06:41
frinnstextra dependency is annoying but what can you do?06:42
frinnstbut i see some wierdness with man-db:
frinnstfrom "man man"06:46
frinnstanybody else?06:46
jaegeryeah, I see that as well, funky12:53
jaegerif I unset LANG it doesn't do that12:55
jaegerthat line doesn't appear at all13:21
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