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Romsterso that's still broken frinnst ?08:40
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juefrinnst: any reason to _not_ update xorg-server to 1.14.6 for 3.0?10:48
Romsteri haven't been keeping track of port versions lately sorry about that i should get into more checking.11:05
frinnsthm, i think i've committed it11:27
frinnstmight have forgot to push :)11:27
frinnstnope i didnt commit it. probably because i had no way of testing it. but I dont see a problem in pushing it.11:28
juefrinnst: ok, will do it11:29
frinnsti can do it. just a sec11:30
frinnstor, go ahead11:31
frinnstbtw, regarding my openssl-32 issue above, i had compat-32 pointed to 3.0 :)11:46
frinnstsorry about the noise11:46
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juesomeone tried mesa 10.1.1 on 3.1 already?12:34
Romsteri would but i'm on nvidia binary12:52
frinnsthm, must have missed that12:58
jaegerI have not yet13:13
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juejaeger: just installed your man-db ports, works fine for me without the problems I had with man13:41
juebut see the same issue frinnst has reported13:43
jueunsetting LANG fixes it for me13:43
jaegersame. very odd13:43
jaegerI've wondered every now and then if aggressively stripping NLS and localization support like we do is a problem... in the back of my mind I think this might be related, among other issues13:44
jaegerI guess I could test that by building a set of packages without doing all that, heh13:48
jueusing cat as the pager works, found that the problem is the 'export LESSCHARSET="latin1"' we have in our /etc/profile14:25
jaegerperhaps we shouldn't set that at all, let locale/LANG figure it out14:26
jueremoving the export displays 'man man' correct for me14:26
jaegernice find, I wouldn't have thought of that14:30
frinnst$LESSCHARSET has been there since forever14:52
jaegerIt's even suggested in the man manpage (not the man-db version, the older one)14:53
jueyes, the option was there since the beginning and it is necessary for old 'man', without it a 'o' becomes a '<B7>' in the gawk man-page15:13
jaegerso do we move to man-db and remove LESSCHARSET for 3.1?15:18
juebuilding the whatis database is noticeable faster with man-db: 16s resp. 63s15:19
jaegerusing 'mandb' ?15:20
jaegerseemed pretty quick, yeah15:20
jaegerdid you see any errors the first time you ran it?15:20
juejaeger: no, but will try again with an empty /var/cache/man15:23
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jueonly some warnings, see
jaegeryeah, looks the same. I should have said warnings rather than errors15:26
jueok :)15:27
juejaeger: I agree, moving to man-db is the way to go15:29
jaegerI think so, too15:29
juefrinnst: ?15:30
juebtw, mesa 10.1.1 works nice on my netbook with intel chip15:32
juenew dependency is xorg-dri3proto, which is not a problem cause we have a port for it15:38
jaegerhandy :)15:38
juebut note, we have to add it to packages.xorg15:39
juenew mesa pushed to 3.115:44
frinnstindeed, man-db15:58
juejaeger: you are adding the two ports to 3.1?16:04
jaegerSure, I can do that16:05
juethx, guess we want something like etc/cron/daily/makewhatis ?16:06
juefrinnst: guess you are running the new gcc?16:12
jaegerI'm always a bit wary of .0 gcc releases :)16:13
jueyeah, me too, but it's a bit tempting to jump to it ;)16:15
jueobjections if I remove 'export CHARSET="ISO-8859-1"' from /etc/profile as well?16:18
jaegernone from me16:19
jueFYI, I've started to write our release notes, please feel free to add/correct ;)16:54
jaegerok, will take a look16:58
jaegerWe're still not listing core ports as deps, right? So I should not list libpipeline in the man-db Pkgfile17:19
jaegerwell, we list some things but not others... I really should remember this17:28
jaegermostly runtime libs, I guess17:40
jaegerpushed man-db and libpipeline, let me know if I missed anything17:45
jueyep, man-db is linked against libpipeline, thus we have to list it18:19
jaegerThat's what I went with18:25
frinnstjue, no im still on the 3.1 toolchain18:32
frinnstxorg-dri3proto adds a new header to the xorg-server footprint. should we add xorg-dri3proto as a dep of xorg-server to make it easy on our selves?18:34
frinnstmaybe get 3.1 out the door and quickly do 3.2 with gcc 4.9 :)18:39
jaegerIt's already in the deptree due to mesa3d depending on it, just need to update the footprint19:36
frinnstah, right20:29
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prologicWho looks after prt-get's development these days?21:39
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jaegerNobody, I think23:21
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