IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-04-25

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Romstertek vala is at 0.24.011:52
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jueFYI, I've commited a fix for gawk, see FS#1009, that makes makewhatis working again, though my strange man issue remains17:42
jaegerI've no idea about that particular issue :/ very weird17:47
teK__Romster: fixed17:51
teK__and Romster, .. glade 3.18 is for gtk317:52
teK__3.8.4 did not compile for strange reasons, so 3.8.2 is current for us17:52
teK__I think our gtk env was not current enough but now it built. Pushing right now.17:53
Romsteri was using gtk317:59
Romsterthat's ok keeping them updated for gtk2 also works i can keep the later version for gtk3 use.18:13
Romsterthanks for that18:13
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