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frinnstjue what issue did you have with man?10:55
juefrinnst: sometimes I see the following errors while running a man command ->
juefrinnst: and here's the short discussion I had with jaeger soem days ago ->
jueI guess man has a similar problem with signal handling than awk 4.1.1 has13:41
prologicnice to see references to logs :)13:44
juefrinnst: some points how to reproduce the issue13:47
jue- it only happens while running then man command in a *term, cannot reproduce it with a getty13:47
jue- it only happens in a *term that has been opened after X has been started, it doesn't happen in a *term that has been started in .xinitrc before the window mananger13:48
jue- only bigger man-pages are affected, for example ld or gawk13:49
jueI've no idea how all of this fits together, not really ;)13:52
frinnstwow, wierd14:11
frinnstis this with man-db or regular man?14:11
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juefrinnst: regular man, man-db works nice15:19
frinnstyeah man-db seems like the obvious choice. its not yet added to the ISO. Should i go ahead and add it?15:54
jaegerI'll add it, have some local changes15:57
jaegerer, wait... it's in core, don't need to specifically add it15:58
jaegerIt does need to be added to setup-helper, though, I'll do that before I forget it16:00
jaeger <-- the current unpushed changes16:06
jaegerdidn't mean that to sound rude for what that's worth :)16:15
frinnstim unsure how that could be taken as rude, but ok :)16:17
jaegermaybe sounded like I was trying to jump in front of you to make the change, that's all16:20
frinnstnah, no worries16:20
jaegerok :)16:21
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