IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-04-29

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teK__speaking of old farts..09:29
teK__we still dont do backups because of the shitty bw if -(SSH)-> * is done. Right?09:36
teK__i.e. I could not find any logins for the pubkey you gave to me09:36
frinnstYeah, the server is turned off since a while back09:49
frinnstI can turn it back on again if youd like09:50 <-(SSH)- * had no limits imposed, right?09:51
teK__if yes: your key is in place ;)09:51
frinnstnot from our side09:51
frinnstand iirc mav said there were no limits on their side as well09:51
teK__wtf :P09:51
teK__so we should give it a try09:52
frinnstjust a sec09:52
teK__there are current backups (full + tar-ed) in /mnt/backup09:52
frinnstpowering on09:53
frinnstand up09:53
frinnst3.10.2 :)09:53
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jaegeryou waited until I made that rc1 ISO on purpose for the firefox update, admit it! :D21:38
frinnsti like to make people suffer!21:47
frinnsti think i saw the tarball in yesterday mornings ck4up21:48
frinnstbut alas, silence from the mozilla people21:48
jaegernot really a problem anyway, starting a bootstrap and walking away is easy :)21:48
frinnstlatest screen with irssi + nicklist does some wierd things. anybody else use this setup?21:49
jaegerI'm using tmux and no nicklist here, sorry21:51
frinnstit adds pipes on the screen sometimes to differentiate the border21:51
frinnstoh well21:51
teK__just fell into
jaegercan you do something with /proc/pid/exe?23:09
jaegerI've used that to get around tmux upgrades23:10
teK__a very good idea indeed23:10
jaegerlike /proc/$(pidof screen)/exe -r23:10
teK__thanks mate :-)23:11
teK__this may be worth jue sending out a [notice] to the list; I bet quite some people will have problems with that + search results on this topic will take some time to show up23:14
jaegerprobably a good idea23:17
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