IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2014-04-30

frinnstteK__: yeah i hit that too06:10
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frinnstsorry, wrong window13:23
frinnstaye, rebuild stuff13:23
teK__i.e. run the darned revdep ;)13:24
teK__I did kernel upgrade too and suddenly my encrypted partitions were not decrtypted after a reboot ;)13:24
teK__nothing bad, and I could've used cryptsetup.static13:25
jaegerbit annoying, though13:25
teK__not as annoying as the screen issue :D13:26
teK__I wanted to revive a session running this very host and couldnt13:26
jaegereven with /proc/pid/exe?13:26
teK__nah that worked like a charm13:26
jaegerah, ok13:26
teK__01:11 < teK__> thanks mate :-)13:27
jaegerI didn't know if that was the same one or not, was just confused since you said you couldn't but we'd talked about that yesterday :)13:27
jaegerheh, nice13:28
jaegerapropos of nothing I'm thinking about installing crux on one of the brand new mac pros if I can :P13:29
jaegersince we're not using them yet... at all13:29
teK__should work like a charm, as we / you made major improvements to CRUX and EFI :>13:30
jaegerI hope so. Figured it would be an interesting test at the least13:30
jaegerI also think it would be fun to put crux on it and then post a picture somewhere on a mac forum of it running nothing but a single VC with mutt active (or something like that)13:31
jaegerwould annoy the apple people13:31
teK__a standard X session with icewm  and xeyes13:31
jaegeror even twm :D13:31
teK__yeah I meant twm :D13:32
teK__DEAR lord13:32
jaegerI used to have a triple-head twm screenshot somewhere, I think I deleted it13:32
teK__looking for some seconds makes me dizzy already13:32
frinnstkeepassx2 doesnt seem to build against the new libgcrypt13:42
teK__% pdflatex cv.tex13:43
teK__pdflatex: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:43
frinnstah, theres an update available that fixes it13:44
teK__push it13:45
teK__I want to give it a try, too13:45
frinnstkeepassx ? might fit in contrib or something13:46
frinnstpassword-store is quite nifty also13:46
frinnsti use that at home13:46
teK__I need some pw manager, thats for sure.13:47
teK__and I need browser integration13:48
frinnstlastpass is nice13:49
frinnstI use it with a yubikey13:49
frinnstyou need to pay version for yubikey support, but its not expensive13:49
frinnstwell worth it imo13:49
teK__I'm a bit reluctant wrt hardware encryption13:50
teK__tbh :)13:50
teK__but that's just me being paranoid13:50
frinnstits a pretty open platform13:50
teK__can you store SSH keys in it?13:53
jaegerpassword-store looks neat, I'll give that one a try for my stuff at home13:57
teK__and you can run your own yubiserver .. nice :)14:01
teK__jaeger: you use windows or *gasp* mono?14:02
jaegerI use mono for keepass2 at work14:09
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juejaeger: thx, downloading your rc1 now ;)14:55
jaegerok :)14:55
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juegreat, the update of my netbook was successful, now issues with rc1 so far :)15:47
jaegerGlad to hear it15:57
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jueFYI, I've created a initial 3.1 handbook, it's a plain copy of 3.0 until now16:10
juefeel free to update/correct the handbook :)16:10
jueof course, the same applies for the ReleaseNotes16:13
juejaeger: may I ask you to write an ann for rc1 to our mailing list?17:40
jaegersure, can do. or should I build another one with the firefox update and updated documentation?18:31
jueIMO not because of the docs18:46
juefirefox? not sure here, what's your opinion?18:46
jaegerWell, definitely before 3.1 is released. Not super important for an RC19:07
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frinnstteK__: sorry about forgetting the backup thingy yesterday19:21
teK__no problem, can talk in an hour or so19:21
teK__otherwhise: tomorrow will be fine, too19:22
frinnstjust that I dont have +r on the files in question and i dont have root at crux.nu19:35
teK__% sudo tail -1  ~root/.ssh/authorized_keys |  cut -b 350-19:37
teK__mVkGtMYx3QVWSMWPLib++szzjj2Ee7J fredrik@nibbler19:37
teK__that was the key I was talking about19:37
frinnstoh? :)19:37
teK__12:01 <teK__> I can provide a public key, too19:37
teK__12:01 <teK__> if you don't mind19:37
teK__you were busy I think *g*19:37
frinnstheh yeah. Ok i'll get it set up19:38
teK__did you find the private key? :p19:40
frinnstbit slow, but oh well19:41
teK__holy moly19:42
teK__not limited my ass -_-19:42
teK__maybe you should sync the directories instead of th tar files19:42
frinnsthome.tar.gz                                                                                                       0%   12MB 272.4KB/s 8:23:08 ETA19:42
juejaeger: agreed, so let's announce the rc as it is19:56
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jaegerteK__: the mac pro reboots when I try to boot the crux media on it :/20:33
jaegerworks perfectly on the older macs like the retina 15" MBP20:33
teK__boot some other distro and install CRUX from there20:35
teK__(just to troll the macies)20:35
jaegeryeah, might try another one at some point20:35
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jaegerI imagine it's just some quirk of the UEFI implementation like the last 5 macs were20:40
jaegerI've made some changes to the 3.1 initial handbook21:12
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frinnstjaeger: looks good re. the announcement22:52
frinnst<- zzzzzzz22:52
jaegerok, thanks22:52
jaegerI suppose the announcement should have some more info in it or at least a link to TODO3123:10

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