IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2014-05-01

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frinnstfor the final release, yeah.08:51
frinnstbut its just a rc08:51
juejaeger: +1 for the announcement09:09
juefrinnst: FYI, libjpeg-turbo 1.3.1 is out09:37
frinnsthm, wonder why my ck4up script missed it10:57
frinnstmaybe because i never added it :)11:02
frinnstxf86-input-synaptics-1.7.5 - anybody able to test it?11:40
jueyep, works with my netbook11:41
jueI'm on the way to commit it ;)11:41
jaegerI wasn't able to upload the ISO to yesterday, will try again now13:36
jaeger1.45K/s  eta 2d 52h13:39
jaegerI wonder what's wrong13:40
jaegerI'll use my own host for the rc but that's pretty weird13:46
Romsterwhat a slow speed :/13:48
Romsterdoes mtr show anything odd?13:48
Romsterno packet loss so just slow?13:51
frinnstmm, something is wierd15:16
jaegerpresumably the same thing caused your backup slowdown15:16
frinnstmav said they didnt limit the traffic but i've seen similar things when trying backups15:17
frinnstim gonna set up a proper backup at work. just rsync tarballs isnt good enough15:17
frinnstwe have a solution that will work great so id rather use that15:18
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jaegerLooks like setup-helper needs to also install xorg-dri3proto if xorg-server is installed during an upgrade17:44
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frinnstcan you fix it or should I?18:18
jaegerI already made the change locally, will push it in the next update (probably for an rc2)18:19
teK__frinnst: what about the backup methoud you mentioned?20:18
frinnstaye, what about it?20:19
frinnstit will handle incremental backups much better20:19
frinnstand will work over ssh20:19
teK__but here's the thing: will i or another admin be able to restore things from it?20:19
frinnstno :/20:19
frinnstgood point20:19
frinnstok, will set up proper cronjobs with rsync instead then20:20
teK__thank you, my nordic friend20:21
teK__this year: no sweden for vacation, again. :\20:21
teK__but no greece either because my goddess said no (then yes again but I did not want to let her play with me :D)20:22
jaegerThey are indeed a lovely people. I wanted to bring many of their women home with me when I was there.20:22
teK__:D :D :D20:22
teK__same thought here, jaeger20:22
teK__and: frinnst is just an example of their friendlyness!20:22
teK__HA NO20:22
teK__ < jaeger in the back row20:23
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