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Romsterhaha nice02:41
jaegerI just noticed the pthread removal thing is not marked done in TODO3103:56
jaegerjue, frinnst: is that something we want to tackle for 3.1 or forget about it for now?03:57
jaegerIt's in the TODO31 list, I'm guessing it just got overlooked03:58
frinnstyeah romster really wanted to get rid of it. But if i remember correctly we decided to postpone it for now.06:19
frinnstnot worth the hassle06:20
Romsterpost boned to 3.107:58
Romsteri'm gonna make patches and submit them upstream07:59
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jueteK__: tig 2.0.1 !
frinnstjue: any reason btrfs-progs is still at 3.12 in 3.0/core ?15:39
frinnstah, sorry15:39
frinnstmy tree was a bit out of date15:40
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Romsterjaeger, is it good that you got set -x commented out in revdep?20:43
jaegerdo you know what set -x does?20:44
Romsteroh nevermind that's debugging20:44
Romsteri think i was thinking about set -e20:44
Romsteri just man set20:44
Romsteryeah i was thinking of -e20:45
Romsteri should double check before saying anything...20:45
Romsteron another note any chance of these two rules being added to udev and eudev20:45
RomsterKERNEL=="event[0-9]*", ENV{ID_BUS}=="?*", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}=="?*", GROUP="games", MODE="0660"20:45
RomsterKERNEL=="js[0-9]*", ENV{ID_BUS}=="?*", ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}=="?*", GROUP="games", MODE="0664"20:45
Romsteri so far added a /etc/udev/rules.d/99-joystick.rules file for it20:46
Romsterbut having it as a default in crux would be nice.20:46
Romstermakes these changes for game controllers.20:46
Romstercrw-rw---- 1 root games 13, 74 May  2 07:58 /dev/input/event1020:47
Romstercrw-rw-r-- 1 root games 13, 0 May  2 07:58 /dev/input/js020:47
Romsterelse Big Picture mode in steam fails to detect the game controller.20:47
jaegeryeah, I had my own version of that as well for steam20:47
jaegerI have no objections, personally20:47
Romsterperhaps a /99-joystick.rules added in /lib/udev/rules.d/ ? not sure what the correct number really is.20:48
Romsteror maybe make it 9620:48
jaegerMine was 99 in /etc/udev/rules.d20:48
jaegernot that it really matters too much20:49
Romsterthat's what i did now, but i'd prefer it in crux's udev and eudev ports. why is it not in there to begin with i'd like to know.20:49
Romsterstupid udev upstream maintainers?20:49
Romsterwas there any other changes i should know about for steam that you did jaeger ?20:50
jaegerin what context?20:50
Romsteri have steam running here and so does my girlfriends computer that is running crux and steam as well.20:50
Romsterwell any other issues i should know about that you came across.20:50
Romsterand have a fix for.20:51
Romsterwould save some headaches if you got anything else you found a fix for.20:54
jaegerI never got sound working properly in it. I could get sound in native games and in big picture mode but no sound when streaming21:06
jaegernever solved that21:06
jaegerotherwise it was ok21:06
Romsterah ok, oh i do remember you mentioning that.21:11
Romsterjaeger, /lib/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules would be the best spot to add them two extra lines in. For game controllers.21:14
jaegerI'd probably opt for adding a file since we aren't modifying upstream rules21:14
Romsterand i see a rule already for KERNEL=="js[0-9]*", MODE="0644"21:15
Romsterevent is more of a specal case would require checking ENV{ID_INPUT_JOYSTICK}=="?*"21:17
Romsteri'll leave it up to you how its added.21:18
RomsterJust what I found.21:18
Romsterjoydev has to be enabled for userspace game controllers so that can be used to set js and event.21:23
Romsteris it really upto linux distros to deal with all the /dev node permissions as they see fit?21:28
Romsterother than those already in udev.21:28
Romsteras far as the sound issue is concerned it'll probably be either you got pulseaudio-32 installed or not set export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa21:31
jaegerI tried every combination of things I could find including pulseaudio and setting SDL_AUDIODRIVER. It never worked when streaming22:20
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Romsterstrange. i'll see if i can find a solution to the streaming issue.23:23
Romsteris rotwang still active?23:23
Romster2014-03-22 Bartlomiej ... thunderbird: 24.2.0 -> 24.4.023:25
Romsteri guess so, i'll nudge him abotu lxpanel being behind.23:26
Romsterlxpanel-0.6.1.tar.gz 2013-09-1023:26
Romsteroops i was meant to put that in #crux23:32

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