IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-05-03

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frinnstRomster: i dont think he's very active these days15:05
frinnsti usually need to pester him quite a lot for him to update thunderbird :)15:05
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jaegerI found more include32 crap17:06
frinnstcompat-32 seems like a big pain to handle right on the iso17:30
frinnststuff that needs injecting and such17:30
jaegerIt's not handled on the ISO at all currently... and yeah, would be annoying17:39
jaegerI'd rather let users sort out their compat-32 after an upgrade17:40
frinnstx86_32 is a dead platform anyway :)17:47
Nomius+1 frinnst21:08
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Romsterfrinnst, i given up on lxpanel in favor of tint2, it's a shame some of these other contrib maintainers are not keeping an eye on port versions.23:31
Romsteri was thinking of adding a file to compat-32 to pkgrm prt-get install the required libs that they can run after they are back in there system.23:33
Romstercompat-32 is always fun frinnst23:33
Romsterjaeger, i might have figured the sound issue out but i haven't done with all the ports yet.23:33

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