IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-05-05

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frinnstpatch for openssl-32 seems broken07:55
frinnstin 3.107:55
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juetoday the new shadow 4.2 has been announced at, running it here since two days now, no issues11:13
juecause it's a very sensible port it would be nice if someone else could test it too before we push it to 3.1, if at all ;)11:15
jueport is in my private repo11:15
juebtw, download from alioth works again11:17
juehere's the changelog ->
teK__I just updated and it does not seem as this broke things11:54
jueteK__: already seen this ?
teK__we can argue which tool's supposed to provide that file12:15
teK__I don't have a strong opnion on that12:15
teK__question is: can either of the ports work without the file12:17
jueme neither, but poppler development is much more active12:17
juehmm, good question :)12:17
teK__not using xpdf at all :P12:18
jueguess that all the /usr/bin/pdf* binaries are not neccessary to run xpdf12:19
juehave to run now, bbl in some hours12:28
jaegerjue: shadow seems fine here12:29
frinnst=======> Installing '/usr/ports/pkg/shadow#4.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:31
frinnstIT WORKS, PUSH NOW!12:31
teK__popplel? Now that sounds chinese D:12:37
jaegerwait, you're chinese?!12:42
jaegerMy whole life has been a lie!12:42
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teK__poor boy :}14:38
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juejaeger: good to hear15:50
juefrinnst: it works for you as well, really? :)15:51
frinnstseems to. i'd say its safe to push to 3.116:52
jaegerI've not used it for days yet but my su/sudo/ssh tests didn't break :)16:56
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frinnstif we push it we can use timecow as i guinneapig17:04
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jueand done17:16
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