IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-05-06

jaegercat on keyboard? small child? fell asleep?01:02
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RomsterteK__, arpwatch source is now at the source you have now is 40403:01
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teK__will fix tonight, thx08:41
frinnstdamnit tek, pull it into 3.1 too :)08:59
frinnstsorry, sepen09:00
teK__did not know that this was policy :-)09:04
jueteK__: you have seen my message about tig?09:10
teK__not in my inbox and not as a PRIVMSG09:12
juesorry, it was here ->
teK__missed that one, will take care tonight :)09:22
teK__btw did any of you guys go further with that Google HR-Lady (wrt job openings, not the other thing...)09:23
juegreat, thanks :)09:23
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frinnsti think romster had a phone thingy with them09:49
frinnstnot sure09:49
frinnstgoogle that is09:49
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prologicjdk needs bumping to 5511:10
prologicRomster, ant needs bump to 1.9.411:34
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Romsterprologic, i just did that earlier today12:31
Romsterbut i didn't bother to push it in 3.1 not many using 3.1 yet12:31
Romsteri had some margaret email me twice i never bothered to reply to google frinnst12:32
Romsterdunno if it's even worthwhile12:32
prologicwell do you mind? :)12:32
prologicI'm onl 3.1 now12:32
prologicnew Intel 520 series 120G SSD got put in last night12:33
prologicall back (mostly)12:33
Romsterpushed to 3.112:35
Romsteri did it in my lunch hour when i shouldn't even be on ports and i've been out all evening fixng computers -_-12:35
prologicta :)12:36
prologicappreciate it12:36
Romsteri'm already finding ports that need bumps due tot he spyda12:36
Romsterstarted being more restrictive on the whitelist that is helping12:37
Romsternow i'm settling down todo some more of contrib i started with A i haven't got to B yet12:38
Romsteryes the entire contrib repo <<12:39
Romsteri tried lxpanel and decided to go with svn head tint2 in my romster repo. prologic12:44
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frinnstchromium wont run here at home either with 3.117:36
frinnstanybody got it working?17:36
jaegerI've not tried yet18:10
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