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teK__YAY, jaeger :}05:33
prologicDo we have a full set of LXDE ports for CRUX?07:25
teK__dunno, but we have a search engine for our portdb07:38
prologicYes I know :)07:41
prologicThe answer therefore is "no" :)07:41
prologicWe used to I think07:41
prologicBut it looks like whoever creatd them (the wiki is now obsolte) left CRUX for Arch07:42
prologicand took his ports with him07:42
prologici.e: whatever links exist 40407:42
prologicI was thinking (since we don't have one)07:42
prologicmaybe someone could create an lxde crux repo07:42
prologicI'm willing to start it at least07:42
prologicwith the bare minium07:42
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teK__are we *really* running a beta torrent tracker from 2004  on
jaegerYes, most likely :) It's one of those things that never really needed to change much16:10
jaegerFeel free to replace it if you like, though16:10
teK__is there a real need for BT with the huge number of mirrors nowadays?16:14
teK__we don't keep logs so it's hard to judge16:15
teK__oh and the default config for 3.1 won't boot off as a KVM guest16:19
teK__investigating that right now16:20
teK__yep, this: CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK=m should be CONFIG_VIRITIO_BLK=y16:23
teK__and I'm talking about the installed kernel _after_ the ISO bootup16:23
jaegeryeah, I just changed that this morning16:26
jaegerChecking for CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK... OK16:27
teK__btw: is this device-naming "madness" in udev enable (by us) by default/intent?16:28
jaegerit's default upstream. disabling it is trivial, though16:28
teK__% qemu-system-x86_64  -enable-kvm -m 2222 -drive file=crux-3.1-rc1.raw,if=virtio -smp 6 -device virtio-net-pci -cdrom crux-*rc1*.iso -boot c16:28
teK__yields two ethernet devices :p16:28
teK__crazy qemu!16:28
teK__and the name resolver in the NAT scenario of qemu seems to be non-functional, too. sweet.16:32
jaegerI bridged mine yesterday when I was testing and specified IDs16:33
teK__I set as nameserver ;)16:34
teK__network configuration is one of the messier parts of qemu :)16:34
teK__you HAVE to try the migration feature, though16:34
jaegerI had to play with it for a while to get it where I wanted it16:34
teK__sounds familiar16:36
teK__yet, migrating things still is awesome ! :P16:37
teK__ok, this is weird16:38
teK__I just successfully installed bridge-utils16:38
teK__would you mind pasting me the error again?16:38
teK__I have: a full installation of core/opt + xorg deps (firefox does not pull in Xorg-server btw :P)16:39
teK__prt-get depinst bridge-utils finished just fine16:39
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teK__jaeger: shall we mention the nic-renaming thingy in our release notes?17:24
jaegeras well as the lo/eth* split, I'd say17:28
teK__will add that :)17:28
teK__ok I can do that too17:28
jaegercool :)17:28
teK__did we settle on /etc/rc.d/lo?17:28
teK__"settle" :D17:28
jaegerI think so17:28
teK__oh and at tk, who registered tek on freenode (what's the point...)17:30
teK__oh tehre's a tek now, too17:30
jaegerhow about t-pen? it's like t-dawg but nerdier17:30
teK__indeed, tek was chosen because sub('penteker','tek') yields true17:31
jaegerfigured something like that :)17:31
teK__been using that for roughly 14 years now17:31
teK__and at quakenet's its MINE17:32
jaegersame for me... I'm not german but I liked jaeger and have used it since 199617:32
teK__oh so you do know the german meaning17:32
jaegerstarted using it as a quake name :D17:32
teK__I already wondered17:32
teK__that makes sense in a game like quake.17:32
jaegerI did study german for years in high school and college17:32
jaegersadly I've not used it in a long time so forgotten much of it17:32
teK__dies ist jetzt ein deutscher Kanal.17:32
teK__frinnst studied german, too (I think)17:33
jaegeris there a or #crux-de already for that?17:33
teK__nah we're switching officially!117:33
jaegerI think there is but I'm old, bad memory17:33
jaegerheh, ok. Just don't yell at me if I speak it like a 2-year-old german toddler17:33
teK__as if my english would be somewhere near perfect ;)17:33
jaegerspeaking of germans... jue: I'm thinking about driving a 2015 WRX today :D17:34
teK__how is that related to germany!17:34
jaegerIt's not, but jue and I both drive WRXes17:34
teK__get a BMW or an Audi, I heard these are growing quite popular in the US17:34
teK__I like the looks of Subarus17:35
jaegerI used to drive a VM Jetta (Bora) for a while17:35
teK__VW? :)17:35
jaegerbut I love the WRX, so fun17:35
jaegerVW, sorry. VMs on the brain lately :D17:35
jaegerMy fingers and mind disagreed17:35
teK__yeah, it's a known facts, the nazis introduced VMs, too17:35
jaegerthat might have been the best thing they did17:36
jaegercommissioning all those beetles or whatever17:36
jaegerAnyway, I need to go run some errands, back later17:36
teK__I am not going to name anything they did good in any way ;)17:36
teK__have fun17:37
jaegerfair enough17:37
teK__jaeger: our upgrader-script on the ISO should add lo to SERVICES if net was in it before17:41
teK__updated the Release-Notes.17:43
teK__is there a roadmap for dropping the Packager-line, yet?18:30
teK__We could put up a script-generated wiki page as a reference18:30
teK__+ a policy for future port-droppers ;)18:30
jaegerI don't know that we made any definite plan for it yet20:03
jaegerteK__: rejmerge will take care of lo, it's already in rc.conf in core/rc I believe20:08
teK__what are we going to do about FS#975?21:08
teK__(python path-thingy)21:08
jaegerI don't really see that as a crux issue, honestly21:09
jaegerseems to me that should be up to the user to configure their path/virtualenv properly21:10
teK__well, prologic seems to be the pythonista but you have a point21:10
prologicjaeger, teK__ I can live with it being closed without a fix22:04
prologic-but- it is a bit annoying22:04
prologicit's not as simple as "fixing the $PATH"22:04
prologicas I've said before (if you are a Python dev) you would normally have your $HOME a virtualenv anyway. So prt-get depinst <some_python_port> fails with a "python install --root=$PKG" in the Pkgfile22:05
prologicteK__, bridge-utils:
jaegerWhy would you make your $HOME a virtualenv? I don't get that22:05
jaegerPython aside, I mean.22:05
teK__which kernel ist this, prologic22:08
teK__oh so it worked for me, because /usr/src/linux was broken :o22:10
prologicit's actually fairly common I think :)22:10
prologicyou pip install lots of python stuff in your home dir22:10
prologicand never touch the system python so to speak22:10
prologicthings that aren't specific to a project22:10
prologicin my case $HOME is a virtualenv22:10
jaegerI've made subdirs into virtualenvs but never $HOME, that sounds like a terrible idea22:10
prologicand I have a bunch more in ~/.venvs/ that are managed by virtualenvwrapper and friends22:11
prologicteK__, the one 3.1 came with22:11
prologicLinux daisy 3.12.17 #7 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 9 18:04:48 EST 2014 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux22:11
prologicteK__, what are you on?22:11
prologicif it builds with a later kernel22:11
prologiclet's just stick a not ein the README :)22:11
prologicjaeger, it's actually not :)22:12
teK__na its the same with 3.13.722:12
prologicit's just treating your home dir as a separate python installation if you will22:12
prologic$ ls -1 | wc -l22:13
prologic^^^ my ~/bin/22:13
frinnsti just sent you an offensive msg on quakenet, tek22:18
frinnsti really hope you do own the nick there22:19
teK__suddenly: insult22:19
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