IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-05-12

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Romstertek vlc desktop file: "Exec=/usr/bin/vlc --started-from-file %U"  makes it so vlc will not start. i had to remove the "--started-from-file %U" bit in order for vlc to start up, and in order for media to play when mouse-clicking them. Also why do we have a vlc.ico file who even uses icon files in linux?08:11
teK__will check the desktop file.08:13
Romsterarch vlc has a vaapi patch and two sex lines for fonts also dunno if you wanna mess with that. but the desktop file is broken.08:13
Romsterseems a few other ports use ico files too oh well.08:23
frinnsttwo sex lines? kinky09:01
Romsterthat was a typo.09:05
Romsterwas hoping no one spotted that.09:05
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prologicsomeone fix the url for perl port in 3.0 branch? getting time outs here13:36
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Romsterprologic, the server is out as a mirror?14:03
Romsteri keep it updated periodically14:03
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pitillohello, good afternoon. Can someone update my personal ports collection's host (pitillo) from to ?18:32
jaegersure, shouldn't be too tough18:46
jaegerno changes other than the host itself?18:47
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pitillono more changes jaeger, only hostname20:05
jaegerok. made the change20:07
pitillothank you very much jaeger20:24

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