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jaegergrrr... still got this stupid 100% cpu issue with caja. so annoying03:13
jaegertens of thousands of lines per second03:18
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Romsterwhat resource is not available and why is it not got a pause wait period between errors.08:15
Romsterheck what resource is it even stuck on08:15
Romster4 CVE's O_O08:31
frinnstheh yeah09:33
frinnstsomeone did an audit on the xorg stack and found the security to be pretty non-existent09:33
frinnstthats where all these recent cve's come from09:33
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juejust locked at the new libxfont, seems that we have to downgrade fontsproto to 2.1.12 in order to build it?16:00
juemeant 2.1.2 of course16:02
jaegerI haven't looked at it yet, myself16:03
jueif I read the ann for libxfont 1.4.8 I get the feeling that we shouldn't use 2.1.3 ;)16:06
jaegerI have no objections to downgrading it if that's needed16:06
jaegerrather have things stable :)16:06
jueindeed, but let's wait for frinnst' opinion, he did the update to 2.1.316:11
jaegersounds good16:11
Romsteri thought the entire 2.1.x 1 being a odd number is a unstable16:25
Romsterand patch level has nothing todo with the entire odd/even thing.16:26
jaegerand not all projects or authors use odd numbers for dev versions16:27
Romstertrue mostly freedesktop but not sure if this applies to xorg or not.16:30
Romsternow i'm getting tired i'll read up on this in the morning.16:31
frinnstit doesnt apply to xorg16:31
frinnstand something else depended on fontsproto i think it was mesa3d or something16:31
frinnsthm, probably not mesa16:32
frinnstor just keep the patch ?16:33
juefrinnst: the patch doesn't help, build fails on configure stage16:39
frinnstok. i've downgraded locally here. gonna test and see what fails16:54
frinnstI had to run fontsproto from git for some reason previously16:54
frinnsthm, i think it had to do with xorg-server from git a while back17:23
frinnstfeel free to revert17:23
frinnstim gonna be afk for a few hrs17:23
jueok, will do17:28
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jaegerI was holding off on another ISO build due to the llvm/clang/mesa3d/whatever stuff, should we try another rc now? Or do we still need to work on the libxfont/fontsproto thing?21:12
teK_at least llvm/clang shoul be sorted out. What's open wrt libxfont? The fix got pushed : -)21:13
jaegerI've been distracted by other stuff today and haven't followed closely21:14
jaegerIf it's already sorted, then no worries21:14
teK_clang built fine in a fresh VM so I certainly do think the port is ok21:16
jaegerwe should probably add llvm-clang to the prt-get.aliases file as providing llvm21:17
teK_this is not documented in prt-get(8)21:19
jaegerhrmm, maybe we should change that. :)21:19
teK_seriously wtf21:20
teK_I don't even have that file?ah21:20
teK_/var/lib etc ;021:20
teK_so both llvm and llvm-clang can provide llvm? Sounds fine reasonable :)21:21
jaegerthat's correct, isn't it?21:21
jaegerthat way prt-get depends and depinst won't bitch if you install llvm-clang instead of llvm21:21
teK_I guess but dont know21:21
jaegerwell, if you can build mesa3d with llvm-clang installed then it's probably fine21:21
teK_I think that this was my test-case although I have no access to said VM atm21:22
teK_and it is an error to no have the prt-get repo on ...21:22
jaegerspeaking of, how do you usually contact charlie? email?21:23
teK_jw should update his openssl, too21:23
teK_or better: email21:23
teK_and hope for the best21:23
jaegerI asked him about fixing a week or so ago on IRC but didn't get a response. he was probably busy21:24
teK_you'd be better off sending him an email21:24
jaegerWould you mind sending me his email address in a query?21:24
teK_one sec.21:24
teK_yeah, the source suggests what we discussed earlier on the topic of aliases.21:31
teK_The feature has been there since 200521:31
teK_oh wow. emory university accidentially reimaged all their windows machines :D21:32
jaegerJust saw that a few minutes ago, bet that was some high-blood-pressure-inducing fun21:32
teK_the site states: Today has been a day of great progress.21:33
teK__of course_21:33
teK_if your setback was even more greater21:33
jaegerprogress unfucking the giant step back21:34
teK_:> :> :>21:36
frinnstAs soon as the accident was discovered, the SCCM server was powered off - however, by that time, the SCCM server itself had been repartitioned and reformatted.22:18
frinnstoh my god22:18
frinnsti know that sinking feeling22:19
frinnsti will never forget the day netapp came to replace a controller battery. switched over to the other head and then proceeded to remove the failed controller22:25
frinnstand everything just went dark22:25
frinnstshit like that just makes you want to flee the country22:25
jaegeryeah, horrible feeling :/22:33
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frinnstand this will give me nightmares:
teK_my former eployer burned a whole hall to its grounds for an estimated 20 million EUR22:59
jaegeryour wording makes it sound like it was intentional, heh23:00
teK_one of the two CEOs was even abroad in another country :>23:00
teK_the insurance company mandated that the new hall had to have an automated fier extinguisher system :D23:02
jaegerprobably a good idea :P23:02
teK_makes me wonder why they did not before *g*23:02
teK_you have to know.. the bins in this picture are filled with acid and other chemicals23:03
teK_and they are made from plastic which was not the best idea :> :>23:03
jaegerso it was burned down to conceal the meth operationg23:03
teK_haha :D23:03
teK_ < favourite picture23:04
teK_"and no fuck was given that day"23:04
frinnst404 already?23:30
frinnstindeed, artistic pic23:36
frinnstlooks like a less than fun day23:36
teK_you know I had to walk past that hall every day because the spot behind it is the firm's parking lot23:44
teK_at least until I was promoted and allowed to park almost in front of the office's front doors :>23:44
teK_the reason for me telling this is that it smelt like hell for many months (I think until the hall was deconstructed)23:47
frinnsti bet23:48
frinnstseems slim wont build on 3.123:54
teK_pkgconfig seems to have 'private' requiremens23:58
teK_ mentions these23:58
teK_I will check that out tomorrow23:58
teK_off to bed NAOW23:58
teK_g'night, fellas23:58

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