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Romsterregarding clang/llvm
RomsterteK_, can you do a diff on llvm vs your clang built llvm port? if the files in llvm section are identical to your clang built llvm, then i'd just nuke the llvm files out of the clang port for now.05:24
teK_ok so it is 3.5 : 1 for building everything and then deleting llvm in (llvm-)clang08:56
teK_and Romster: it's basically llvm + some includes in two directories, one man page and some binaries09:06
Romsterthen just nuke the llvm bits out of llvm-clang until they fix building out of tree.09:07
Romsternot like you will rebuild it that often.09:07
Romsterand depends on llvm09:07
Romstergcc-fortran has a neat bit of code to remove duplicates out of a port that's on the system.09:08
Romsterjust change pkginfo -l binutils to pkginfo -l llvm09:08
Romsterand omit the $() for gcc09:10
teK_and this bug report is from 2009.. doh :\09:10
teK_    "Path to LLVM source code. Not necessary if using an installed LLVM.")09:12
teK_oh wow ;)09:12
teK_I guess I will be building llvm some more times :D09:22
Romstermay want to revert llvm form crux 3.0 it brakes mesa3d unless there is a backport fix i can aply to mesa3d11:10
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/rust#git-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.11:11
Romsterneat now i can mess with rust11:11
Romsterclang documentation is misleading.12:43
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frinnstso, rotwang "resigned"18:23
frinnsthe posted his orphaned ports on the contrib ml18:23
frinnstadded the list to the wiki18:27
frinnstand took some of the ports18:33
jaegeryeah, saw that :/19:23
frinnstnot very unexpected though19:23
jaegerIf nobody takes thunderbird I'll handle that one19:38
frinnsti will19:42
frinnsthey, i want iotop :)19:43
frinnstoh well, you can have it :)19:43
frinnstmissed to remove it in the wiki19:43
Romsteroh you can grab iptop then if you want.19:44
Romsteri'm not fussed just don't want it to die.19:44
Romsteri'm gonna fix up murrine later i got it in my romster repo.19:45
frinnsti dont care either, but it needs to stay since i use it19:45
frinnstso.. who wants it? should we have a fight to the death over it?19:46
Romstergrab it if you you want. i'm not fussed over that.19:46
Romsteri use pidgin all the time so i grabbed that and murrine.19:46
Romsteryou can take iotop.19:47
Romsteri odn't want to take on everything -_-19:47
Romsterok i'll be back later.19:48
teK_sepen is next, I think. :|20:01
frinnstim about to merge contrib/3.0 to 3.1. just need to fix some stuff20:07
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horrorStruckjust made the libpng soname bump, thanks god jaeger's rc was around the corner. most painful stuff ever21:21
horrorStruckooops wrong channel, was supposed to go to #crux21:25
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