IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-05-19

jaegeruh oh, one of my NAS drives is failing00:55
jaegerstill under warranty but I think I'll add a spare just in case00:56
prologichome nas or work?01:07
prologicwhat’s your setup?01:10
prologicdrives, raid, hw?01:11
jaegerIt's a small one. 3x 2TB drives connected to a 3ware 9650SE RAID controller in single disk mode, then added to a ZFS raidz01:11
jaegerI just ordered a 4TB drive to add to it, planning to replace each 2TB with 4TB when they fail01:12
jaegerI would have just used the onboard intel SATA chipset instead of the RAID controller but it's controlled via PCI passthrough in a VM01:21
prologicahh nice01:25
prologicrunning FreeNAS?01:25
prologicor Solaris?01:25
jaegercrux in fact01:39
jaegerI ran opensolaris for a while, switched it to linux when linux zfs got better01:43
prologicreally? :) wow01:49
prologicZFS on Linux is useable huh01:49
prologicwell at least useable for you :)01:49
prologic“If it’s good enough for a fellow CRUXer it ought to be good enough for me!” (tm) :)01:49
jaegerIt's been rock solid for a while so far for me01:50
jaegerObviously I can't cover every use case, though01:50
prologicwell I’m not sure I’d hit any edge case you hven’t myself :)02:01
prologicbut thanks :) you’ve inspired me to do teh same02:01
jaegernp :)02:03
RomsterteK_, sepen made a commit not too long ago on xfce i thought he be back on now he has internet again.03:03
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frinnstseems they have fixed the quota crap with e2fsprogs17:52
frinnstanybody object to it being turned back on?17:52
frinnstah, its not enabled by default. I'll keep it disabled for now17:53
jaegerI've no use for it, myself, so disabled by default jives with me17:58
jaegerteK_: have you used openvpn in 3.1 yet? it complains about "route" being removed18:00
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jaegerfrinnst: password-store uses contrib/tree but doesn't list it as a dep18:29
jaegernp :)18:30
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jaegerteK_: looks like "--enable-iproute2" is the answer there18:32
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teK_I gotta catchup with llvm and all other stuff from here on wednesday19:34
teK_thanks for the hints, folks19:34
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Romsterjaeger, nvidia 334.21 and 337.19 are now out.21:37
Romsterwas poking around looking for something and noticed ours is lagging a little.21:38
jaegershort lived versions21:39
Romsterso not worth touching yet.21:39
jaegerthey can be buggy at times so I avoid those for the official ports21:40
Romsterlooking at that symlink for nouveau i don't think that is thr right way to fix it... and then i've just made a firemware port but it too has no symlink for libva-vdpau-driver21:42
Romsterso not too sure how it finds that or uses yet.21:42
Romster i ported that to crux.21:42
jaegerI know basically nothing about nouveau, I avoid it like the plague21:43
Romsterwhy it also depends on 32bit nvidia file for the binary firmware blobs too is weird...21:43
Romsterso have i because it's not really mature enough for my use.21:43
Romsteri'm hoping it is one day21:43
Romstermaybe the vdpau symlink needs to point too /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nouveau_drv.so21:48
Romsterah but doesn't make much sense really guess i'll do as the bug report suggests.21:53

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