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prologicjaeger: if you’re around I wanted to ask some other q’s about your CRUX+ZFS NAS experience :)02:36
prologicWhat sort of HW are you powering this with?02:37
prologicI don’t necessary want to end up in a sitaution where my hw (the compute side) is as sepensive as the 4x HDD(s) :/02:37
prologicif you know what I mean02:37
jaegerwell, the host machine is just commodity server stuff. supermicro x9scm-f motherboard, 16GB ECC RAM, Xeon E3-1230. It boots ESXi from a USB stick02:39
jaegerthe VM that runs the NAS is a 2-core with 2GB RAM02:39
jaeger <-- got the idea a couple years back from a post like this02:41
jaegerI have a different case, PSU, etc., but you get the idea02:42
jaegerI probably would not have bought the hardware JUST for a NAS box but it's been great for running a bunch of VMs02:44
jaegerI run my firewall on it, several crux VMs (including the ISO bootstrappers), a minecraft/starbound server, etc.02:44
jaeger <-- another option02:44
prologicyeah rightio :)03:04
prologicthanks for the pinters03:05
prologicevery time I lok at doing this03:05
prologicit ends up costing an arm and a leg :)03:05
prologicnevermind the HDD(s) x 4 :)03:05
jaegeryeah, there certainly is some initial outlay. you can use it for a lot of stuff once it's built, though03:06
prologicthat’s true03:18
prologicperhaps it’s worth it in the long run :)03:18
jaegerI think it was for me. Only you can answer that in the end for you03:32
prologicwell our household is getting to a point where I’m runniing out of places to store data ;)03:43
prologice.g: photos, videos, documents03:43
prologicmythtv recording space, etc03:43
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juefinally removed mtdev from xorg, new input-evdev uses libevdev too now13:59
juejaeger: setup-helper and packages.xorg are up-to-date, but you should run setup.dependencies prior to the next build, please14:02
jaegerwas it not up to date on the rc?14:05
juesure it was, but because of the changes wrt evdev it needs a rebuild14:06
jaegerok, just wondered if I'd broken it somehow, heh14:06
jueno no, everything is fine :)14:06
jaegerI rebuild setup.dependencies and packages.all when bootstrapping (at least if I don't forget)14:06
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jaegerfinally got tired of the sluggish desktop interaction in ubuntu and reinstalled CRUX on my workstation here at work19:35
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jaegertrying to get mono working properly at the moment since we use keepass2 for some of our IT password junk here19:37
frinnsttried keepassx2 ?21:10
frinnsti used to use it for work21:11
frinnstworked great. lacked some features i guess but did the job21:11
jaegerI haven't tried it, didn't know there was an x2 :)21:13
jaegerI did just get KeePass2 working, though, had to install libgdiplus for mono21:15
frinnstI have a port for it21:21
jaegerI'll take a look at it, thanks21:25
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jaegeris mtdev no longer needed at all in 3.1?21:57
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