IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2014-05-23

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jaegerIf you're planning to push 4.8.3 I'll build an rc2 after that push02:47
frinnstyeah sorry about that, emergency sleep :)07:07
teK_emergency sleep? Best lame excuse ever. Gotta remember that one..07:08
juegood morning07:18
jueteK_: thanks for your efforts regarding the clang port :)07:20
teK_hehe, no problem07:37
teK_I'm happy if things are settled and even happier if the out of tree build works07:37
teK_we are almost there but I have some final problems :)07:37
frinnst/sbin/ldconfig: /usr/lib32/ is not an ELF file - it has the wrong magic bytes at the start.07:56
frinnsthm, do we usually see that when pkgadd'ing gcc ?07:56
frinnstoh right, silly me07:57
frinnstjue: have you tested gcc 4.8.3 any? any objections to pushing that to 3.1 asap to get some extra testing done on the 3.1 users/guinneapigs? :)08:00
juefrinnst: not tested yet but yeah, push it to 3.1, please :)08:05
frinnstwill do as soon as i get off work11:53
frinnstThis is to announce grep-2.19, a stable release.14:55
frinnstWhile there is only one NEWS item below that mentions performance,14:55
frinnstGNU grep has never before seen so many performance improvements in14:55
frinnsta single release.14:55
prologicperformance improvemnets are always good15:12
prologicI wasn't sure you could even improve grep at all :P15:13
frinnstlast release also boasted performance improvements15:17
frinnsti'll push grep only to 3.115:56
frinnstgcc and grep pushed to 3.115:56
frinnstsomeone did fuck up contrib a bit. merged my thunderbird 3.1 changes to 3.016:54
frinnstoh well16:54
Romsterand my boost change got backported so what else?17:02
Romsterprologic, lxterminal /usr/share/locale17:05
Romsteralso you managed to merge my boost in contrib 3.1 into contrib 3.0 along with thunderbird and who knows what else.17:05
juefrinnst: any particular reason for the 3.1-only commit of grep?18:55
frinnstjust in case there are any regressions19:03
frinnsti havent tested it, so im playing it safe :)19:03
frinnstshould i cherry-pick it?19:04
jueI'd say so, all build-in tests passed and it works for me19:19
juefrinnst: thanks19:47
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