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frinnstdoing a ports 3.0->3.1 update on my server. i wonder what will break12:59
frinnsthm, tek didnt you fix the nmap-update stuff ?14:03
frinnstMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/man/man1/nmap-update.1.gz14:03
frinnst=======> ERROR: Building '/usb/ports/pkg/nmap#6.46-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.14:03
frinnstseems only the footprint is fucked14:06
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teK_this is in 3.1, not 3.016:31
jaegerlame... my brand new NAS drive is DOA16:32
teK_what brand was it16:33
jaegerwestern digital. It happens, not a mark against them or the reseller16:42
jaegerjust annoying16:42
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frinnstso yeah, not very painless.. :)17:40
frinnsteudev nic naming really screwed me over17:40
jaegerhow so?17:41
frinnstI had a rule in /etc/udev/rules.d that either was ignored or failed17:41
frinnsti moved it to /lib/udev/rules.d/ and on bootup it failed to rename the nics since "name already in use" or something17:41
frinnstI have 3 nics in this box + a vlan17:43
frinnst*vlan interface17:43
frinnstand now my vlan interface is acting up18:03
frinnstoh well, got most other stuff under control atleast18:03
frinnsttime to enjoy a beer or two in this silly heat18:03
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frinnstdoh, switched the enpXpX interfaces in my iptables-config18:14
juefrinnst: you know how to get old kernel-naming back?18:15
frinnstoh, udev does extra stuff with vlans too: enp4s0vlan9@enp4s0:18:19
teK_does the 80-net-*rule help18:21
frinnstso this is a bit confusing: ifconfig shows : vlan9 as an interface18:24
frinnstip shows vlan9@enp4s018:24
frinnstso what does one use in say.. iptables ?18:24
teK_I'd tend to say vlan9@enp4s0 because ip is used by the cool kids. yet it may be possible that both are going to work18:28
teK_try it and report back18:29
teK_also: new episode of Fargo \o/18:29
frinnstthe dhclient scripts also expects ifconfig and route (now no longer available)18:31
frinnstso I adapted rc.d/net - but currently it tries to bind to all interfaces available18:31
frinnstwe should probably add a $DEV to the dhcp parts of the script18:31
teK_oh wait, that's my task, isnt it?18:32
teK_ah nope18:33
frinnstwell the dhclient-script is your fault, yes :)18:34
teK_use git blame sucker18:34
frinnstrc.d/net i blame on jaeger :p18:34
jaegerfeel free to improve it :P that was a quick hack18:34
teK_[tek@pita][src/contrib/dhcp]% git blame dhclient  | wc -l18:34
teK_[tek@pita][src/contrib/dhcp]% wc -l dhclient18:34
teK_23 dhclient18:34
jaegerI think it should be restructured anyway, the layout isn't really super intuitive18:35
teK_grep -c Penteker I meant ;)18:35
juefrinnst: currently it's not necessary to define a $DEV for most dhcpcd users, so I'd not sure if it would be better ...18:36
teK_frinnst: how does dhclient expect ifconfig to exist? It spits errors if that's not present?18:37
teK_I checked configure and did not find an option to enable iproute as it was the case with openvpn18:38
frinnstjue: good point18:38
frinnstbut you  still need to edit rc.d/net to enable it. im not sure how common it is for users to have multiple nics for different networks/uses18:39
jaegerI'd consider that an advanced case18:40
frinnstVLAN_IFACE=vlan9@enp4s0 seems to work, tek19:40
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frinnstteK_: correction on the vlan interface naming in stuff like iptables: its what you see in 'ifconfig'20:42
frinnstmost other distributions (debian, rhel) have "ip" in the default path for all users. In debian /sbin/ip is a symlink to /bin/ip23:11
frinnstso this obviously allows all users to display the ip address. any thoughts on perhaps adding a /bin/ip -> /sbin/ip ? it would allow me to not needing to alias /sbin/ip :)23:13

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