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Romsteror mv it?01:57
Romster"The PPD version (5.2.9) is not compatible with Gutenprint 5.2.10."02:12
Romsteri restarted cups02:12
Romsteri downgraded Gutenprint02:14
Romsternow it works02:14
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frinnstRomster: scripts might expect it to be in /sbin/09:37
Romsterthey should rely on the PATH, but that's only for root as we have it now.09:38
frinnstwell, /etc/dhclient-script hardcodes it like this: ip=/sbin/ip09:39
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frinnstwell most scripts do that, honestly12:25
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jueRomster: tried to reinstall the gutenprint driver?12:57
frinnstteK_: opt(3.1)/irssi needs a perl footprint fix13:22
Romsternot yet i downgraded to print something and left it at that atm.13:59
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horrorStruckjaeger: do you have 3.1-rc* isos build logs by any chance?16:25
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jaegerhorrorStruck: bootstrap logs, yes. Looking for something specific?18:16
horrorStruckjaeger: yes, i have some really weird behavior with pkgutils and gcc warnings seem relevant, just want to check if you have them too18:20
horrorStruckpkgutils binaries from your rc work as expected18:22
horrorStruckmine (compiled on my system) don't18:22
horrorStruckthanks a lot18:23
jaegernp, hope it's useful18:23
jaegerIf you figure out what the deal is let me know :) I'm curious18:24
horrorStruckyou dont have the warnings, i have no idea where i screwed up... super strange stuff is happening18:25
jaegerunusual CFLAGS, by chance?18:27
horrorStrucki do use a hardened toolchain but just rebuilt the whole thing with regular flags to be sure and still the same, paste on the way18:30
jaegerI used to run a hardened toolchain on some servers at a previous job, was a total pain in the ass :(18:31
jaegerThough it could be completely unrelated to this issue18:31
horrorStruckhere's the story, when i build a port, i have a footprint mismatch because my .footprint shows uid and guid numbers and not names 0/0 instead of root/root. if no .footprint is already present then it works as expected. if i rebuild the port with my previously generated footprint, it works as well. utmost weirdness...
jaegerperhaps an issue with libarchive/bsdtar when creating the initial package archive?18:38
horrorStruckmost likely given the warnings18:39
horrorStruckbut i have dont know what to try anymore...18:40
jaegerI don't know what to suggest, very odd. If it were consistent it would possibly make more sense and give an indication of where to start18:41
horrorStrucki'll continue to investigate and report back if i can find anything18:42
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