IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2014-05-27

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jaegernrxtx: just the rc1, though I think I should build an rc2 now that gcc is updated03:00
prologicmay as well :)04:10
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nrxtxjaeger: ok, can you give me a hint when you built it and it's uploaded?09:03
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frinnst Current Perl version17:17
frinnstshould we just keep perl at 5.18 for 3.1?17:17
frinnsti havent followed the rc's17:17
jaegerNo preference here. I don't use perl directly in any way these days17:28
jaegerSo as long as it works where it's required it's fine by me. :)17:28
frinnstseems like it would be opening a can of works upgrading this late17:28
jaegerperhaps so, though 5.18 will start to feel pretty old by the time we talk about 3.2 :)17:29
jaegerfrinnst: ports updating has been slow for me, too, incidentally. I assumed it was part and parcel with the backup bandwidth issue18:31
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