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Romsterdamn it someone messed the mesa3d layout up in xorg-3.0 -_-02:52
Romsterreverted the need for llvm though in the process.02:52
Romsterso it builds02:52
jaegersomeone? :P02:58
Romstereh might of been never changed. though i reformatted it maybe i only did xorg-3.1/mesa3d03:04
Romsternow xorg-3.0/mesa3d builds with llvm installed.03:05
Romsterwhy does no one else pick these things up.03:05
Romsterbbl back to work.03:06
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frinnstI think you only changed the tabbing on 3.1 actually06:14
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Romsteri guess so.08:00
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teK_hi jue10:56
teK_Romster: I did not yet find the time to downgrade llvm10:56
teK_will try today..10:56
Romsterno it's not in mesa3d anyways as a dependency.10:58
teK_both in 3.0 and 3.1?10:59
Romsteri just disabled it in mesa3d 3.010:59
Romsteri believe mesa3d is fine with llvm in 3.110:59
Romsterjsut the older mesa3d in 3.0 can't use llvm 3.4.1 for galium optimization11:00
teK_so no need for action anymore11:01
Romsterso if llvm 3.4.1 is installed it would fail to build mesa3d but i fixed that with --disable-gallium-llvm11:01
Romsternot much point messing with it since gallium in 3.1 branch is not experimental anymore.11:02
Romsterin my opinion.11:02
Romsteryeah, i've been super busy myself too. i know the feeling.11:02
Romstereither busy or too tired to focus.11:03
Romsterwhich is why i only do a tiny bit here and there.11:03
Romsterso save your time for something more important teK_11:03
teK_like creating a pepper(flash) port for chromium? :o11:03
Romsterlol ewww11:04
teK_hey its better than libflashplayer11:04
Romsteri tried lightspark kinda worked forced pulseaudio *shudder*11:05
Romsterand seeking never worked.11:05
Romsterplus that project is dormant/stalled11:05
Romsterwhy is it anyhting like flash projects gnash and others get so far then nothing... left to rot.11:06
Romsteri wish flash would die and html5 takes over.11:06
juefrinnst: wrt perl, I'm unsure too; currently we have 8 ports in core/opt/xorg we have to change with a new perl version11:07
frinnsti'd say lets just keep it as is11:08
jueok, that's fine for me11:08
Romstercrux 3.1 isn't out yet could bump perl, but eh, could be too soon for perl 3.20.011:09
teK_Romster: you can't always get, what you want ;)11:09
Romsterbe chasing our tails if we kept bumping versions all the time.11:09
Romster3.1 would never get released.11:10
Romsterincodently why do we need the version string on perl/python stuff?11:10
Romstercan't we jsut omit it or do something like we do with uname -r as <perl version>11:10
juesure, we actually adjust the version string in our port11:12
Romsteror guess force updating .footprints on every perl major version change.11:12
Romsterwhich ever is more KISS11:13
Romsterhaving version number directories is such a pain.11:13
juewe cannot gaurantee that everything works if we totally ignore the perl version11:13
juewhy is it a pain?11:14
Romsterwe don't usually have more than one perl interpreter installed at the same time.11:14
jueit's once a year we have to adjust a port, so I don't really care about ;)11:14
Romsterevery footprint taht uses perl needs fixing on every major perl update. but i guess it is best to rebuild everything regardless that depends on perl.11:15
Romsternever mind my argument though as you said once a year.11:15
Romsterlike the emrging thing pro talked about not worth the effort.11:16
frinnstI wonder if jaeger has started brewing rc2 yet11:59
jaegerit bootstrapped yesterday, I'll test the ISO and upload it today12:01
juegreat, many thanks :)12:03
jaegernp :)12:03
frinnstteK_: dont you also need to specify the version?12:06
frinnstI launch chromium like this: chromium --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/PepperFlash/  --ppapi-flash-version=
frinnstor lame webpages prompts me to upgrade flash12:06
teK_the version appears twofold: 1) in chromium it reports as 11.2.999.99912:09
teK_2) on websites it says 13.something12:09
teK_ifthat's an issue I can add the hint to the README12:09
teK_what crappy site complains?12:09
frinnstvmware vsphere webclient12:10
frinnstor maybe it was user error.. seems to be working now D;12:13
jaegerheh, exchange is getting even worse at IMAP new message counts12:58
jaegerI opened a folder with 4 new messages just now and exchange says there are 38 new12:58
teK_caching is serious/hard business, bro :D13:05
prologicgood couting there :)13:05
teK_prologic: I don't have a linkedin account and am not sure about creating one :O)13:05
prologicdef sum(xs): -> r = 38; for i in xs: r += i; r13:05
prologicoh sorry teK_13:06
prologicjust ignore it :)13:06
teK_no worries, just saying13:06
prologicno no it's ok :)13:06
prologicjust one of those annoying things where LinkedIn wants to look at your contas13:06
teK_I have had quite some parties approaching wrt job openings13:06
prologicI was not going to sift through 200+ contacts13:06
prologicwaste of time :)13:06
prologicyeah sadly my contract is up in 4 weeks and not being renewed13:07
teK_got something new already?13:07
prologicso I'm in the job market again13:07
prologiccontracts contracts contracts13:07
teK_that's the worries with universities..13:07
prologicit's happenning all over the place13:07
prologicit's almost impossible to land a permanent job here13:07
teK_my gf has had a contract valid 2 years and also got no renewal (although her boss told her otherwhise, then picked a friend's boyfriend as my gf's replacement ;))13:08
prologicyou get 12mnth or 18mnth contracts13:08
teK_here = australia?13:08
prologicthen extesniosn13:08
teK_that sucks13:08
prologicit does a little bit13:08
prologicI've been working for the past 8 years or so13:08
teK_there's an institute at my university doing  research and/in industrial projects.. they hire for three years. Everybody. A friend of mine has had his 7th renewal13:09
prologicand most of them have been 6-12month contracts13:09
prologicthis is the longest contract I've had so far :)13:09
prologicahh nice13:09
prologiclucky :)13:09
prologicso yeah looks like I'll be moving on13:09
teK_I wonder how that is possible as I thought german laws required you to be employed permanently after a maximum of two years13:09
prologicthere's nothing (at this time) for me to slide in to at my university13:09
prologicso I have to job hunt13:09
prologicahh yes13:10
teK_lucky? That sucks. He's going to be a father and  his wife also started working at that institute. That's not what I call a solid financial basis for a child..13:10
prologicwe have similar laws I think13:10
prologicnot 100% sure on that13:10
prologicbut they get around that rather trickly13:10
prologicbe retrenching the contracted position13:10
prologicand re-advertising new positions13:10
teK_that's purely coincidental, I bet *cough*13:10
prologicwith a slightly different PD13:10
prologici.e: worded slightly differently13:10
teK_sounds familiar.13:10
prologicbut almost the same13:10
prologicoh I thought you said that was his 7th renewel?13:11
frinnstdamnit prologic, you forced me to log in to linkedin! :)13:23
prologicsorry :)13:31
prologic200 contacts13:31
prologicvs a handful of spammed folk13:31
prologicyou do the math :)13:31
prologicI was not going to sort thorugh 200+ contacts :P13:31
prologicto tell you the truth I can't stadn social media13:32
prologicI think they're a waste of time ane energy :)13:32
prologicbut when you're job hunting13:32
prologicevery recruiter and company seems to want you to have one or the other13:32
prologicusually LinkedIn13:32
frinnstyep. I do enjoy the monthly email i get from linkedin with open positions.. always fun to have a look13:49
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jaegerbleh... spent the first 4 hours of my day in the MRI control room because the MRI computer failed again in the same fashion as it did 2 months ago17:19
jaegerI need to get some lunch before a meeting soon so I'll try to get the RC2 ISO prepped this afternoon17:20
frinnstheh yeah no worries17:23
frinnstseems exim has pushed a new version fixing a vuln. when built with EXPERIMENTAL_DMARC (which we dont)17:25
frinnsthm, anybody know what:17:27
frinnstis supposed to do?17:27
teK_maybe something equivalent to % v=`uname -v`; echo ${v%SMP*}17:35
juefrinnst: yep, I know ;)17:36
juefrinnst: just a moment, will search for the bug-report17:37
frinnstanyways, i redid the patch keeping it as is :)17:38
teK_ if you're curious17:38
frinnstyuck, ugly :)17:40
juefrinnst: already commited?17:40
frinnstsorry, i mean i kept your fix17:40
frinnstEXIM_VARIANT_VERSION="_1-5b7a7c0-XX was a nice new addition :)17:41
jueindeed :)17:42
juefrinnst: there's a small bug, setting EXIM_VARIANT_VERSION=".1" or EXIM_RELEASE_VERSION="4.82.1 fixes it17:46
juewithout that the symlinks are dangling17:47
juefor mailq and sendmail17:48
jueand 'exim --version' reports 4.82 instead of 4.82.117:49
frinnstah fvck. But the tarball actually says 4.8217:49
frinnsti never changed that17:49
frinnsti'll change to EXIM_VARIANT_VERSION=".1"17:50
jueok, thx17:50
frinnstsorry for the fuckup :)17:57
jaegerjue: nfs-utils is making a call to systemctl in 3.118:33
jaeger/usr/sbin/start-statd: line 8: systemctl: command not found18:33
jaegerI'm still able to mount and use NFS without trouble, just wanted to mention the message18:48
jaegerit seems start-statd is only run if rpc.statd isn't running so if you already have it up then you won't see this18:48
jaegeron a side note, somebody requested a while back that we make fb1024 the default boot mode on the ISO. frinnst or teK_ perhaps19:02
jaegerrc2 is uploading to now19:05
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frinnstnot I21:00
frinnsti never boot with fb :)21:00
jaegerdid anyone adopt libreoffice?21:32
teK_not yet..21:40
teK_you want it?21:40
jaegernot really :) Just curious, hehe21:40
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jaegerthe weird part of me that builds gnome/cinnamon/mate ports is tempted to try to make a libreoffice port, though22:12
jaegerIf I have some time, maybe22:12

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