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frinnstbut tek is sloooow00:16
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Romsterjaeger, i haven't even looked at it yet.02:50
teK_hi  folks07:07
teK_no S-nail/mailx in the ISO07:11
frinnstwho knows..10:07
jueteK_: he's the author/maintainer of s-nail which is a fork or better successor of heirloom mailx / nail10:08
juenice guy and CRUX user10:09
teK_got the joke NOW10:10
RomsterteK_, "tar --use-compress-program=lzma -xf data.tar.lzma" can't that also be done with "bsdtar -xf data.tar.lzma"13:23
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frinnstoh man16:21
frinnsthow annoying16:21
frinnstso, introduce asciidoc to core, move btrfs out of core or skip man-pages for btrfs?16:21
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juefrinnst: provide the man-pages with the port?17:52
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frinnstjue sure thats an option. but it might be a pain to maintain in the long run18:28
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teK_that's you're problem :P  jue and I have ports requiring that, too ;-)18:44
frinnstoh, what ports? if there are many ports requiring asciidoc to build manpages, then maybe we should just suck it up and move it to core?18:45
teK_-2 from me18:46
teK_I don't remember the port(s) atm18:47
teK_and tdb18:47
frinnstlazy upstream trying to make it easy on themselves18:48
teK_upstream is awesome18:48
teK_I had to contact the dokuwiki author for a direct link to his tarballs18:48
teK_also: good luck creating a proper ck4up config18:48
frinnstyep, sucks18:49
teK_afk, mass effect 3 <318:49
frinnst/bin/sh: line 1: xmlto: command not found18:50
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frinnstso this is a dirty fix, anybody wanna clean it up?
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