IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-05-31

Romsterfrinnst, do a chroot build with asciidocs upload tarball of man pages to server? include that with btrfs-utils01:19
RomsterteK___, you can find the archives for dokuwiki on
Romsteri just found that looking with a spider01:29
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Romsterfrinnst, here is an idea btrfs-doc in contrib for the man pages.01:36
Romstercrawl --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/download\.dokuwiki\.org\/.*" --pattern ".*\.tgz$" | ./ --print-sorted |wgetpaste02:06
Romstereasy as.02:06
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juefrinnst: it should work to extract the generated man-pages into the ...btrfs-progs-v3.14.2/Dokumentation directory08:13
juefrinnst: tried this just now, seems to work but the btrfs-check man-page is missing in your tarball so it breaks08:15
juefrinnst: look at iputils or tdb to see what I mean08:15
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juefrinnst: pushed; will do the merge to 3.1 after I've the vim update ready11:55
frinnstlovely, was just about to dig into it13:21
frinnstthis leaves me more time for useless procrastination13:22
frinnstlooked at your changes to btrfs-progs. nice & clean14:10
jaegeroops, I never did announce rc2 on the ML. Any objections?15:23
frinnstno, go for it :)15:52
frinnstany specific bugs / issues fixed?15:53
frinnstsystem/iso.git seems to lag behind a bit15:53
jaegerthe xorg-dri3proto injection is about it, just newer packages otherwise I think15:54
jaegeryeah, I usually don't push iso.git often, it's fairly boring15:54
juejaeger: no, do it :)16:19
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nrxtxwhen does the portdb do its sync?22:25
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