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jaeger7am CEST if I remember right02:59
Romsterquestion newer webkit requires another option on gcc in core 3.0 --enable-libstdcxx-time03:37
Romsterdo i a) leave it at the old version due to 3.1 being out shorty b) add a README and tell users to add that option and recompile gcc and submit a but report or c) wait for that change to be added to core-3.0/gcc03:38
RomsterWebKitGTK+ 2.4.303:40
jaegerI'd say leave it since 3.1 is hopefully imminent04:01
jaegerdoesn't seem worth the work04:01
Romsteri have a old xeon server i'm gonna,try see if crux 3.1rc2 will install on that.04:26
Romsterand replace my aging pentium d with crux 2.6 on it -_-04:28
Romsterthen i wont anythign older than a core 2 in service.04:40
jaegergotta let that old stuff go eventually04:43
Romsterman i got that many machines its a pain to mainin a hsots file. i like need to like setup DHCP and set reservations.05:22
Romstermaintain a hosts05:23
jaegerI haven't used a hosts file for external names in years, not worth it05:23
jaegerso much easier to use DHCP and forget about it05:23
Romsteri am currently, but ugh....i can count about 12 things that have an ip... possibly more.05:23
Romsterand everything is set as static.05:24
Romstersometimes being an elitist does not pay off.05:25
Romsteri just hate the DHCP security thing though ya have to be on the internal network to even cause conflicts05:25
jaegerIf you set up reservations in your DHCP server you can reinstall or shuffle stuff as much as you like and not have to remember to update every file05:25
Romsteryep i plan to do that soon05:26
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frinnstI forwarded an gnutls-advisory to sepen a few days ago. No response or action from sepen yet. :(09:04
frinnstpitillo: have you talked to him recently?09:06
pitilloI was talking with him yesterday frinnst09:11
Romsteri fear he arn't wanting to do anything with crux anymore.09:34
Romstersepen has never shownup in here in ages.09:34
Romsterlibkmod error -12 on lspci -k09:35
Romsteraround the memory controller.09:35
Romstercrux 3.109:35
Romsteralso seems i have no lan interface yet.09:35
Romsterof if i do i have no idea what the name of it is yet...09:37
Romsternevermind i forgot to do make modules_install again.09:52
Romstertg3 network contrller is in but that default lan device does not exist... man why isn't eth0 good enough.09:52
Romsterip a09:55
Romstererr enp13s0 instead of the default..09:55
pitilloRomster: I think you won't be free of him too easy :P09:56
Romsternow i'm good, jaeger well i got past PEBKAC and demented new network controller device names.09:56
pitilloand me neither xD09:56
pitillo*and of09:57
Romstersepen has some work todo when he has time pitillo09:57
pitillohe has lot of work todo...09:57
pitilloI'll try to tell him to make a break in his life to put him here and check if he can let in your hands some of the critical ports09:58
Romsterdon't we all.09:58
pitilloyesterday I deployed 3.1-rc2 on a vps running 2.6.32...09:58
Romstermaybe if its ok for us to bump and fix stuff if he is too busy?09:58
Romsternot sure if i like the new lan names... but i like the new /etc/rc.d/net script09:59
pitillothis is what I meant, probably if he won't have enought time he "opens" opt ports09:59
pitilloat least for a time09:59
pitilloand if someone doesn't mind to keep an eye and hands on them10:00
Romsteruntil he can make time for crux.10:00
Romsteri fixed one without permission but it was a minor fix.10:00
RomsterIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           X3220  @ 2.40GHz10:05
Romsterpretty old but i got it for nothing. 4GB ECC ram10:06
Romsterbetter than a pentium D10:06
pitillo12:07:08 up 240 days, 10:21,  1 user,  load average: 0.06, 0.04, 0.0010:06
pitilloLinux lokalix #1 PREEMPT Wed Oct 24 22:48:45 UTC 2012 armv7l ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l) Genesi Efika MX (Smarttop) GNU/Linux10:07
Romster 20:07:12 up 242 days,  7:46,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0510:07
Romsterthough i'm gonna be shutting that down at some point.10:07
Romsterdon't really care for uptime that much10:08
pitillohere without kernel development it's easy to keep it up10:08
Romsterjaeger, isn't it best to use -mtune=native in pkgmk.conf now?10:09
Romsterand xorg is enabled by default10:12
Romsterdon't need that on a server10:12
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jueRomster: I'd prefer the -march=x86-64 flag, because that way you get more generic binaries that can be used on different hosts, e.g. on my atom netbook11:15
Romsterhmm k well i prefer to tune to the system i'm installing on.11:16
juesure, but we should keep it as it is, IMO11:18
Romsterah man now i see why xorg was not disabled by default... cairo needs xorg repo :(11:18
Romsterinstalling deluge headless... omits them packages.11:20
Romstersee if it works.11:20
Romsteri should probably make a deluge and deluge-gtk port.11:20
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jaegernative is NOT a good idea for distribution on the ISO for example15:23
jaegeryou are of course free to do it on your own hosts15:23
frinnstyeah the iso should be as generic as possible. the default cflags in pkgmk.conf should also be generic by default imo15:46
frinnstit should be the users conscious choice to rice his/her install15:47
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Romsterfrinnst, native is generic...  to gcc at least.22:48
jaegerAt build-time, perhaps... at run-time? I very much doubt that. Am I wrong?22:48
Romsterwell builds with speffic cpu yeah... but the term native makes gcc sleectt he best options for the target cpu.22:49
Romsterif anyone is fussy then i guess you could keep -march=x86_64 -mtune=native22:50
Romsterbut nevermind let the uesers tweak it22:50
frinnst-march=native will *not* run on other types of cpu's22:51
frinnst-mtune=native it generic enough to be pointless on the iso/virgin system22:52
frinnsti suspect eveyone that bothers to care will change it anyways22:52
Romsterno i mean -mtune=native after the iso is built for the users machine. but nevermind... i'l; keep changing it manually on my systems. i know what i'm doing an d know -march=native is not portable.22:54
Romsterpretty much everything i think of is met with opposition. bbl work22:56
jaegeryes, users are free to do whatever they want23:03
jaegeropposition? Do you seriously not see why that would be a bad idea for the ISO?23:03
jaegeryou think you're being picked on but I see that as a genuinely bad idea23:07
jaegerIf you meant, on the other hand, the pkgmk.conf that ships with pkgutils for an install, I don't really have an opinion on that.23:08
jaegerI'll be honest, though, I get a bit tired of the "everyone hates me and my ideas" attitude23:08
jaegerbased on this statement: 17:54 < Romster> no i mean -mtune=native after the iso is built for the users machine.23:26
jaegerI assume you did mean the installed system and not the ISO. That wasn't clear to me at first and I apologize.23:26
jaegerThis, on the other hand:23:26
jaeger17:56 < Romster> pretty much everything i think of is met with opposition. bbl work23:26
jaegeris pure whining and does nothing to help23:26

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