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prologicthere is always a reason for everythiing :)00:59
jaegerFor what it's worth, I will always pick on the side of what's best for general CRUX use, not what I personally feel is best. I make a lot of changes to my CRUX installs but they don't make sense for every person and every use case, certainly.01:04
jaegerThe point of that is to say it's not picking on anyone, it's attempting to support the widest user base01:06
prologicit boils down to the greater good01:33
Romsterthe pkgmk.conf that ships with pkgutils for an install, obviously not for a build of the iso.02:05
Romsteri have currently 6 real machine installs of crux at home.02:09
Romsteralso sorry about my remark earlier, personal problems, but to be honest i probably don't explain myself well enough, and patches i had done that did get in took upwards of over a year.02:11
prologicI missed a lot of the discussion02:16
Romsterso frustrated sometimes. guess i should give up caring about girlfrind and those that are bickering between friends, and me being depressed and angry and moody, and i guess i am taking it out on others02:16
prologicwhat’s wrong with the /etc/pkgmk.conf configuration that get installed?02:16
Romsterwasn't much to it.02:16
prologicI almost never modify it myself02:16
Romsteri was sugesting using -arch=native on the iso /after/ the iso is built.02:16
Romsteras a default.02:17
prologicand what implications doe sthis have for others?02:20
prologicI assume crux-arm modifies this config to be -march=arm02:21
prologicor similar :)02:21
Romsternative builds for the speffic CPU and is not portable02:21
Romsterbut don't the majority of users just build for the specific hardware02:22
Romsterfirst thing i do is change -march on each box on new installs and rebuild everything.02:22
Romsterand sysup02:22
prologic-march=native is not portable?02:23
prologiceven across the same arch?02:23
Romstersame cpu yes but not for the same arch, can give mixed results and is not guaranteed to work02:24
Romsterthen i sugested if that's the case and they want to use the built ports on more than one machine then do -march=x86_64 -mtune=native02:24
Romsterso it'll be portable but optimized for the machine its built on.02:24
Romsterfrinnst> -mtune=native it generic enough to be pointless on the iso/virgin system02:25
Romsteri meant for the users machine and i'm over the discussion already. all i do is bang my head against a wall.02:26
Romsteri'll just do my own mods and not suggest they be incorporated.02:26
Romsterand i did fail to say for the users install... not for the iso build.02:26
Romsterjue ruby in crux 3.1 footprint missing files
jaegerThere's nothing wrong with suggestions, certainly02:48
Romsteri dunno, maybe all my suggestions are bad. or most of them.02:49
Romsteror i just do stuff really exotic.02:49
jaegerSorry you're having a rough time. At the risk of sounding like your mother, perhaps sorting those out is more important02:50
jaegerer, sorting that out02:50
Romsterif only... i'm trying to decide how to sort everything out.02:50
jaegerFair enough. Well, good luck02:51
Romsterseriously is affecting me.02:51
Romsterhonestly think i need to go seek a councilor or something... but then i don't trust anyone with that sort of personal details of whats going on in my life.02:52
Romsterso i'm pretty much screwed.02:52
Romsterand need to deal with it myself.02:52
Romsterand back to work i go with urgent jobs that a business needs working same day but i don't think will happen.02:53
jaegerJust remember the key phrase: A lack of planning on your part does not consitute an emergency on mine.02:54
jaegerI can't type today02:55
Romsteri'll have to remeber that. well they are down to one weigh bridge07:49
Romsteruntil a new pc arrives07:50
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prologicwho's upgrading the python port?09:06
prologic2.7.7 is out09:06
prologicI'm asking because I have a vested interest in Python :)09:07
frinnstscrew python! we'll keep it at 2.7.6 (or whatever it is) forever!09:09
prologicwell that's fine :)10:18
prologicI'll just keep a 2.7.7 port then in my own repo :)10:18
prologicmwhwhaha :)10:18
jueRomster: thanks, will look at it10:56
jueprologic: why do you ask? just look at the port and you will see that jue is the maintainer ;)10:57
jueprologic: btw, running the 2.7.7rc1 since some days without issues here, will do the update soon10:58
prologicjue, hehe11:17
prologicI knew it was you :)11:17
prologicdon't worry :)11:17
prologicappreciate the effort(s)!11:17
jueRomster: the update to libffi 3.1 breaks the build of ruby's fiddle because their script assumes a 3-digit version string like 3.0.1311:57
Romsterguess a patch is in order then.11:59
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