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jaegerAny rc2 issues yet?14:59
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jaeger <-- any objections to me changing the rc.d/net script to this? Just a small change to make the configuration more obvious15:37
jaeger(for 3.1)15:39
mike_kI've run "dhcpcd -L -4 -b -t 0 $WLAN $ETH" from rc.d/net before switching to wicd for easier wifi keys setup. I doubt many users will keep the script as is, though a few variables can help a bit.15:48
jaegerspecifying devices shouldn't even be necessary anymore15:48
mike_kthere was some difference. probably I wanted to avoid some other interfaces completely )15:50
jaeger <-- maybe better15:52
mike_kBetter looks for me. I am OK with either of those, and will probably disable or adjust the script. hmm, disabling is even better to avoid overwriting on updates.15:54
jaegerI think advanced users will do their own thing, yeah15:55
jaegerThis is just meant to catch simple use cases15:55
mike_kcould it happen that we will have some common place for rc.d scripts variables, like some infamous distributions do? could help to avoid adjusting rc scrips here and there.15:56
jaegerCould be useful, perhaps15:56
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jaegerteK___: building libreoffice wasn't as terrible as I expected17:20
jaegersome things are still downloaded/built internally but I tried to make a port that uses a lot of things we have readily available in ports17:21
jaegerit's a lot of deps but not difficult, I mean17:23
frinnstwell lot of that stuff will probably already be installed on most desktop systems17:23
frinnstdo you have a pkgfile for it?17:24
jaegerI do, just double checking my deps before I upload it anywhere17:24
frinnstnew grep again17:24
jaegerIt's building in a clean VM now, will upload it after if you want to try it17:24
jaegeradds one port, p5-archive-zip17:25
frinnstno announcement from grep just yet. seems they just tagged it17:25
jaegerodd, getting this from cups on 3.117:26
jaeger+ rm -r /usr/ports/work/cups/pkg/usr/share/icons17:26
jaegerrm: cannot remove '/usr/ports/work/cups/pkg/usr/share/icons': No such file or directory17:26
frinnstI run cups at work with 3.1, dont think i've seen that one17:26
jaegerfirst I've seen it, too17:27
jaegeron the clean VM which has basically nothing installed17:27
frinnstah. missing dependency perhaps?17:27
jaegerlooks like. Installing hicolor-icon-theme fixed it17:28
juejaeger: just downloaded rc2, will install it on my new laptop at thursday17:41
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juejaeger: wrt cups, thx for the report, will try to fix that soon17:52
rexichjaeger: hi, I've noticed about how you've successfully built LibreOffice. I've tried that last week several times without any luck at all. mind if you share the file, or will it be integrated in the Pkgfile of libreoffice in the contrib repository?18:34
teK___jaeger: interesting, how long did it take?19:06
rexichteK___: in my case, it took me at least 6 and a half hours before it got to the end phase where it failed. core 2 duo 1.83 ghz, 3 gb ram.19:42
rexichi.e. it takes a lot of time to compile19:42
teK___holy moly19:43
teK___not acceptable19:43
rexichbut it sucks a little, being unable to customize the package by default, instead packing the binary version from RPMs, which depends on so many things some of us avoid19:56
rexichlike dbus, cups etc.19:56
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jaegerrexich, teK___: still fixing deps but I'll share it when it's done and time the builds20:14
teK___I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble20:17
teK___but I'll wait until we get compilation times20:17
teK___thanks for working things out, jaeger20:18
jaegernp, figured it might be interesting to try. and I use it for work on rare occasions20:18
teK___still it is Google Docs < LibreOffice < MS Office :\20:19
jaegerjue: sounds good20:22
frinnstfs#1020 - how is he hitting that?21:21
frinnstim gonna take it upon myself to update gnutls for sepen21:39
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rexichjaeger: thank you21:52
jaegerfrinnst: replaced sys files with kernel headers, perhaps?21:52
jaeger(and removed that header)21:52
frinnstyeah, or an empty headerfile or something22:00
jaegerI have neither resuse.h nor rusage.h for what that's worth22:01
frinnstnah, me neither22:01
frinnstand not included with the kernel source22:02
frinnstand not included with the glibc 2.19 source either22:02
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jaegerteK___: real105m56.682s22:50
jaegerteK___: that's in a 4-core VM with 2GB RAM22:54
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