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jaegerok, if anyone wants to play with it, here's libreoffice:
Romsteris that Pkgfile form source :SD02:48
Romsterjaeger> <-- any objections to me changing the rc.d/net script to this? Just a small change to make the configuration more obvious <- eh it was obvious to me when i set it up, what wasn't so obvious has a hint to use "ip a" to see what interfaces I have.02:49
jaegerit's a change for users with less experience02:49
Romsterturned out my lan was on 13 than 11 for this xeon02:53
Romsterdunno what it'll be yet on the other machines.02:53
Romsteri could upgrade my cluster 3 machines. as that xeon was a clean install02:53
Romsteri would like to see wifi in that net script too personally.02:54
Romsterthough i guess other ports can provide a /etc/rc.d/ script for that02:54
Romsterguess its best in wpa_supplicant02:56
Romsterdefaulting to DHCP is a good idea though02:58
Romstermanual should be called STATIC or static02:59
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Romsterus question how do i upgrade 3 headless crux 3.0 systems08:27
Romsterguess i'll have to move one box at a time to my other work bench.08:28
Romsteri was like yeah ssh in with the cd in the drive... but... -_-08:29
Romsterthe iso hasn't got net working has it.08:29
Romsternor sshd setup08:29
frinnstwell, networking - sure, just load the modules and iirc dhcpcd is included08:30
Romsteri'm still on a static setup here08:30
Romsteri'll change over when i swap my firewall machines over with this xeon08:30
Romsteri'll just move the boxes but that... "oh, that wot work" idea had me thinking.08:38
Romsteri should try that see if i can modprobe network module and setup static08:47
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frinnstyeah static stuff are there atleast09:06
Romsterbut i still requite attaching a monitor and keyboard to it so that really defeats the purpose09:30
frinnst"#!�%#!� clang asdf10:34
frinnstconfigure:627: clang -E conftest.c10:35
Romsteri had asdf and aoue to go to dvorak layout and back to qwerty again.10:39
Romsteri gave up learning dvorak too many machines i use at work all on qwerty10:40
mike_kRomster: FIY AFAIK acpi-support seems to be somewhat debian-specific and we have only a very outdated port in portsdb for it.
frinnstyeah I read some people can switch between qwerty and dvorak. Not I10:41
Romsternope me nether its just too difficult10:42
mike_kRomster: that is not urgent in any way. just to clean it up a bit.10:42
Romstermike_k, we have a acpid in contrib10:42
Romsterbit old though...10:43
frinnstacpid was just update the other day i think10:43
Romsterwhat do ya know it has mike at openbunker is that you mike_k ?10:43
mike_kacpi-support is mostly a collection of acpid handlers. - that is it10:43
mike_kRomster: that is me10:44
Romsterthe url has moved to sourceforge and the verison is now 22 not 2010:44
mike_k it is10:45
frinnstas long as poweroff works with the power button im happy10:45
Romstercan't see what is wrong with acpi stuff. but i don't really see a need of it in wicd itself.10:45
Romsteryeah thats what i'd use acpid for some events like power button and lid close...10:45
mike_kRomster: my point is that wicd installs some old acpi-related scripts, which are unused on CRUX in a any way.10:46
Romsterwe probably don't even use any suspend.d10:46
Romsteri knew they were there i just didn't care but i'll clean that up.10:46
mike_ksure, that two dirs are just a crap10:47
Romsteri should have removed them before.10:47
mike_kI experiment a lot with acpi rules these days and those dirs are annoying )10:47
Romsteri'll nuke them shortly, mind updating contrib/acpid10:48
mike_kRomster: I did that yesterday actually10:48
Romsteroh mayeb i need to ports -u10:48
mike_kno hurry, thanks10:49
Romstereyah i hadn't did a ports -u today10:50
Romsterbeat me to it10:50
mike_kwicd does in fact ship a working (and maybe even useful) pm-utils handler with the same functionality10:53
Romsteri haven't yet but i want to setup crux on a notebook and have hibernate work.10:54
Romstertoo busy10:54
mike_kit almost always just works with a simple echo to /sys/power/state. I've switched to pm-utils method (wrapper), as it has a few useful hooks.10:58
Romsterah cool11:16
Romstermike_k, pushed and to 3.1 as well.11:17
mike_kRomster: thanks. I wonder if /lib/systemd is of any use?11:17
Romsteris that still in there?11:18
mike_kand tell me what is the preferred time to poke you with such minor stuff. don't want to distract too much with thing I can fix on my own )11:18
Romsterfar out...11:19
Romsternot sure how that goes and usr/share/dbus-1/system-services/org.wicd.daemon.service11:22
Romstercould you test and let me know. a better idea would be to let you take over wicd since your actively using it. and i /intend/ to use it.11:23
Romsterand i got a ton of stuff as is now.11:23
Romsteri don't mind the poking of minor stuff like that mike_k i'd rather know about it so it can be fixed.11:25
Romsterwas also aware of the other mentions of systemd in there but not sure how best to remove that and not break it in the process.11:25
Romsteras it was i had to apply patches.11:25
mike_kRomster: sorry, only started to use it. noticed how much ram does it take and think to drop that in favour of dhcpcd with some cli stuff for WPA keys11:26
Romsteroh it is a ram hog?11:27
mike_kI am not ready to take anything over now. lagging with existing ports already.11:27
mike_kI am in Crimea if that sounds familiar =(11:27
Romsternope no idea where that is.11:28
Romsterbig island11:28
mike_kSouth of Ukraine (kind-of de-facto Russia now)11:28
Romsterhow do you even live there or have internet.11:29
mike_koff-topic, but need to move out of here ASAP. So far everything is "quiet" and internet just works.11:30
Romstermoving my site to
Romsteri couldn't get the parked domain they wanted $100K for it o_o11:32
mike_khmm, most wicd memory usage is VIRT, so should not be a big problem. How can I help to test system-d stuff?11:32
Romsterzone works better for me anyways.11:32
Romsterwell there is a few shared libs in wicd11:33
Romstermost of that stuff uses will have already11:33
mike_kthat's acceptable. so, let me know if I can help to test removal of systemd-related stuff11:39
Romsterjust go ahead and test if you like11:48
mike_kjust removing crap and make sure it still works?11:58
Romsterromsterzone ok i'm like a kid with a new toy -_-12:01
Romsterlike that new domain name.12:01
frinnstanybody wanna take a look at ?12:11
frinnstim out of ideas12:11
jaegerI would use ssh for those upgrades, yeah12:18
jaegerjust figure out what you need to type to set up the network interfaces12:18
jaegeradd ssh to hosts.allow12:18
jaegerstart sshd12:18
Romsteri still need to start sshd add static route modprobe network device... it would be easier if i upgraded from the running system with pkgadd but that defeats testing the crux 3.1 rc2 the same way most will use it.12:21
Romsterfrinnst, is this in 3.0 or 3.112:34
frinnstthe error makes no sense12:34
frinnstand i suck too much at this to figure it out12:34
Romsterthey did CC=clang right?12:35
frinnstnot sure, but he built it with gcc too, and still got the same error12:35
frinnstconfigure detects a non-existing header and the build fails because the header isnt there12:36
RomsterBuilding '/var/ports/packages/time#1.7-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:37
Romstersure its not a libtool thing pulling in a bad package?12:37
frinnstconfigure:972:24: fatal error: sys/rusage.h: No such file or directory12:37
Romsteror even from pkg-config *.pc file12:37
frinnstthats what it *should* look like12:37
Romsteri see that in the report but i don't get that.12:37
frinnstbut he gets  checking for sys/rusage.h... yes12:38
frinnstfor some reason12:38
Romsterok this makes no sense to me either.12:40
frinnstand he verified that rusage.h didnt exist on his system12:40
Romsternot acustom -D define set?12:40
Romsterhe has that and i don't12:42
Romsterno just -DHAVE_SYS_RUSAGE_H=1 he has set12:43
Romsterbut why... that be why its looking for the extra include and i can't reproduce.12:44
Romsterwhat CFLAGS is he using?12:44
frinnstits in the bugreport12:44
frinnstmost details are12:44
Romstergentoo has no patches even relating to that i'd mark it as invalid, user is doing something wrong.12:53
Romsteri can't reproduce it.12:53
Romsteri bet i could if i added -DHAVE_SYS_RUSAGE_H=1 to my CFLAGS but thats just being silly.12:53
Romsterwell on second thought configure is defining it checking for sys/rusage.h... yes12:55
Romsterbut i don't see why.12:55
Romsterfrinnst, he has to have that file sys/rusage.h  in his path i looked at configure13:09
frinnstthen why cant find find it?13:19
frinnstom gonna solve some windows problems at work instead, less frustration :P13:19
jaegerperhaps it's related to some kernel timekeeping option like hpet or whatever13:48
jaegermike_k: dhcpcd has hooks for wpa_supplicant now, so in many cases you don't need to even call wpa_supplicant yourself13:54
jaegerjust have to configure it13:54
Romsterjaeger, the code only looks for the header files. i looked.13:56
jaegeryes, but why is the define set?13:58
Romsterpart of that check also sets the define if foo.h is found.13:58
Romsterfor ac_hdr in unistd.h string.h sys/rusage.h13:59
Romster#include <$ac_hdr>14:00
Romsterand then14:00
Romster#include <$ac_hdr>14:00
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Romstersorry i meant...14:01
Romster#define $ac_tr_hdr 114:01
Romsterso the user must have a rouge file on there system.14:01
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mike_kjaeger: yep, but connecting to a new wifi hotspot often requires network scanning and generating a config with a WPA secret14:04
jaegerof course it does. I'm only talking about invoking wpa_supplicant to connect, not configuration14:05
mike_kI was impressed how well dhcpcd works with wpa_supplicant though14:06
Romsteri think i read about that awhile ago but had forgot about it.14:14
frinnst<> (expanded from <>): connect to[]:25: Connection refused14:14
Romsterhis ip probably changed.14:22
frinnstI sent the email last friday14:28
Romstertakes sepen a few weeks to reply :D14:30
Romsterhe honestly has to be far too busy with real life.14:30
frinnstyeah I forwarded him an advisory on the gnutls bug but never heard anything back14:36
frinnstso I pushed the update yesterday14:36
Romsternot much more that can be done.14:39
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teK___new sqlite o/20:28

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