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teK--jaeger: time for building another ISO12:00
Romstereep openssl vun bump.... OpenSSL 1.0.1 users should upgrade to 1.0.1h12:04
Romstercan we like not ship openssl ont he iso at all and make everyone download the most recent version. we don't want everyone to have a vulnerable openssl version12:06
teK--dream on ;-)12:06
teK--btw frinnst thanks a lot for the gnutls fix12:08
jaegerteK--: is the rc2 broken?12:09
teK--as I already stated.. he will phase out slowly. And sadly..12:09
teK--jaeger: hehe no but openssl in a sense is12:09
Romsterand i bumped the -32 bit port of gnutls-3212:09
jaegerteK--: fair enough12:09
RomsterAnonymous ECDH denial of service (CVE-2014-3470)12:09
teK--maybe you wait a few days if the fixes were properly done :o12:09
Romsterfix one vun make 2 more?12:10
teK--nah but stability etc.12:10
Romsterhonestly thought sepen would bounce back after he got settled in his new place and got internet back on.12:11
Romstereven if he just idled the majority of the time...12:11
teK--I think that it's naturally about his wifey :-)12:11
teK--I was told to get married soon, too. BTW :D12:12
Romstershoudln't stop him having some time on crux... what is he tied up or something 24/712:12
teK--we don't know his girl :>12:13
Romsterif i ever did decide to call it quits crux would shrink by 60%, not that i intend todo anything like that.12:14
Romsterwith sepen an entire DE xfce...12:15
teK--yes. We will have to see about that12:15
teK--btw.. am I the only one having his nickname all over flyspray?12:15
teK--Opened by Svyatoslav Mishyn (juef) - teK12:16
Romsterand my girlfriend is using xfce too... so i don't want to see it drop.12:16
teK--switched my gf's to e1712:16
Romsterugh and i really don't want to run xfce4 so i can maintain it but looks that way12:17
jaegerYou do know you don't have to maintain every piece of software in existence, right? :)12:18
Romsteryes i'm trying to kick the habit of taking over the world. :D12:21
Romsterhonestly wanna prune a few things i don't use anymore.12:21
jaegerAlways better to maintain things that you use over stuff for others, in my opinion12:21
Romsteri don't have as much time as i used to but, i still am around.12:22
jaegerhigher quality that way over all since you have a vested interest12:22
Romsteryeah, i am aiming to give away or drop what i don't use anymore.12:22
Romsterand only pick stuff up that i do use.12:22
Romsterit is pretty hard to limit myself and i try to keep quality high.12:23
jaegerunderstandable. It's hard when the volume gets high, though12:23
Romsteri think i'm at that point now.12:24
Romsterhow far are we for crux 3.1?12:26
Romsterany show stoppers?12:26
Romsteronly got 1 machine on 3.1 so far here.12:27
frinnstteK--: yeah only you :)12:29
frinnstOpened by Svyatoslav Mishyn (juef) - Tuesday, 03 June 2014, 20:17 GMT+112:29
frinnstis what I see12:29
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rexichxfce4 is the only sane UI that I can install on my friends' computers, that doesn't eat up too much resources and that is fast. please keep its Pkgfiles alive. :D12:36
jaegerI'm mostly a MATE user these days, though it's probably not quite as light as XFCE12:37
jaegerI haven't benchmarked but it's basically like GNOME 212:37
jaegerlighter than GNOME 3 at least12:37
Romsterwhat i am hating about xfce is that it was meant to be a alternative to gnome now its using some gnome libs12:37
Romsterand last i looked its stalled.12:39
Romsterbut it works for the most part.12:39
frinnstI dont understand how you live with gnome/mate, jaeger12:46
frinnstI used to use scientific linux on my desktop at work, with gnome 2.x12:47
frinnstit was horrible :)12:47
teK--ok so maybe it's a admin thingy12:57
teK--still annoying12:57
jaegerTo me it works about the same as openbox or similar. It does what I want and doesn't get in my way12:58
jaegerI like its looks a bit better than the openbox minimalism, though12:58
jueis the openssl update on the way or shall I do it?13:18
frinnstI cant do it, so please go ahead13:21
frinnstjust got an email from cert-se warning about it. I think i've gotten maybe one or two warnings from them in the last year or so :)13:22
teK--I enabled ecdh some weeks ago to increase security13:22
frinnstI can display 500 on one page, if I try to increase it the website crashes13:24
jaegerfrinnst: <-- for reference, my desktop usually looks something like that13:24
teK--frinnst: how about some wget-magic?13:27
Romstersee how the form works then do it that way13:28
jueok, done on both branches13:39
teK--I updated openssl with services running but lsof won't show as [deleted]14:05
teK--even better.. I restarted syslog-ng but not qemu14:05
teK--% sudo lsof | grep ssl14:06
teK--syslog-ng   365      root  mem       REG                9,2       424736     303794 /usr/lib/
teK--qemu-syst  7841      root  DEL       REG                9,2                  297440 /usr/lib/
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jaegerreally like this new case so far. sleek minimal design23:16
jaeger(fractal design define mini)23:16
frinnstyeah. i have the xl23:21
frinnst2nd version iirc23:21
frinnstdoes your only have one led ? i dont have one for hd23:21
frinnsthad to do a ghettohack to fix it :)23:22
jaegerI'm still moving parts to it so haven't turned it on yet, but it has one around the power and one right next to it23:22
jaegerI'm assuming the one next to it is HDD23:22
jaegerwill find out soonish :)23:22
frinnsttake pics :)23:23
jaegerstill have to move video card and SSD, hide cables, and boot up23:23

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