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Romsterjaeger, i had a thought. since we now have a ton of modules and stuff in the kernel config file, could we have it compiled so that a later altering if needed and make will take far less time? else the and bzImage is already ready for /boot/05:04
jaegerI don't understand what you're asking05:09
Romsterthe installed /usr/src/<kernel sources> that setup installs off the iso05:18
Romstercould that be installed as already been been made (make) to save time. if one does not need to alter the soruce or alter it very little. or would this increase the iso size too much?05:19
jaegerhave you looked at the size of a compiled kernel source tree lately? :)05:20
jaegerfrinnst: is the futex thing fixed in 3.12.21?05:22
Romsteroh probably need to go to a dvd if we did that...05:25
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frinnstjaeger: not yet.11:00
juejaeger: installed rc2 on my new laptop, no problems :)11:03
juejaeger: it's a Lenovo t440; compiled a kernel with our default config without modifications and was able to boot that kernel11:05
Romstersame on that xeon server jue worked first go.12:30
Romsternot like earlier crux releases had to fight finding the modules needed.12:30
frinnstoh, i forgot to push gettext13:09
frinnstsorry about that jue, good thing you got stuff under control :)13:10
frinnstRomster: good thing you can decode gibberish :D14:00
Romstersometimes frinnst14:09
juefrinnst: thx, running 0.19 here for some days, nothing suspicious14:35
jaegerfrinnst: ok, thanks14:59
jaegerjue: awesome, thanks for the report14:59
jaegerI installed it on another machine last night without trouble, too14:59
jaegerjue: how do you like the T440? Looks pretty nice on paper15:09
frinnst3.12 isnt maintained by gregkh. only he pushed updates yesterday15:37
juejaeger: I'm happy with it so far, the only thing I miss a bit are some control LED's for HD etc.15:57
jaegerfair enough15:57
juebut everything I tried until now works fine; no problems with net/wlan etc.15:59
jaegerMy x220 is the same way. Definitely the smoothest linux laptop experience I've had15:59
jaegerhopefully the fix will get backported to 3.12, I definitely prefer a longterm kernel on the ISO16:21
jaeger <-- gettext update breaks iso-codes, maybe16:27
jaegerour iso-codes is probably really old, though, will see if a newer version works16:28
jaegerlatest iso-codes produces the same errors so I guess not16:30
jaegerdowngrading gettext allows iso-codes to build. hopefully will find a fix for it sometime soon16:50
jaegerweird... some of the cpufreq scaling governors don't work in 3.12.2119:05
jaegerah ha. the intel p state one that says it's the right choice for sandy bridge doesn't actually work properly with my sandy bridge processor :)19:11
jaegergoing back to the acpi one works fine19:11
jaegerjue: opt/lcms still depends on libjpeg in 3.1 vs. libjpeg-turbo19:35
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frinnsthm, yeah only lcms2 was changed20:05
frinnstshould we grep for old perl paths in opt/contrib and update those?20:06
frinnstand libjpeg20:06
frinnstit will probably take a while for some maintainers to fix those - they usually lag behind20:07
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