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frinnstmesa3d 10.2 and 10.2.1 released an hour or so later07:16
frinnstbuilding now07:18
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Romster1 out of 3 boxes upgraded to crux 3.1 flawlessly08:29
Romster2 to go08:29
Romsterso far none of the boxes i have had the default device name for net yet.08:30
juejaeger: thx, is fixed now08:56
frinnstRomster: lower numbers, eh?09:06
frinnstenp2, enp3 etc?09:07
frinnstdepends on the cardslot i guess:  r8169 0000:03:00.0 would be enp3s009:09
Romsterwhere is this eth0 change done? the second box i just did still has eth0 despite me doing rejmerge. exaxctly the same as the first box?09:14
Romsterenp2s3 on the first one.09:14
frinnstdid you have a udev rule for it already?09:15
frinnstI kept ethX on my desktop at home and at work. my server got new interfaces09:15
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Romstermaybe had not looked at that, i thought i might have but then these boxes only have 1 lan interface each. so i shoulnd't need to have done that.09:32
frinnstiirc, we had a udev rule that generated it automagically09:33
frinnst70-persistent-net.rules or something09:34
jueactually you don't need a real rule09:37
juejust do a  'touch /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules'09:38
jueand you get the kernel naming back09:38
Romsteri'll check that shortly.09:40
juejaeger: looked at the iso-codes problem, seems that the new msgfmt is more strict with its --check option09:40
frinnstubuntu does nic-naming different too, they use biosdevname or whatever its called09:42
juejaeger: if I replace --check with --check-format --check-domain, which removes the --check-header option, latest iso-codes builds fine09:42
frinnstnames the interfaces more like bsd does (when it works)09:42
juefrinnst: the trick above is eudev specific, IIRC09:43
juejaeger: I'm using this Pkgfile ->
juejaeger: btw, old iso-codes installs iso-codes.pc into /usr/lib/pkgconfig, which is wrong IMO, should be /usr/share/pkgconfig09:46
juejaeger: forgot to say that I've opened a bug at the iso-codes tracker09:47
Romster70-persistent-net.rules there we go solved that one. not sure why i added that... it has 1 lan interface.10:19
frinnstRomster: i had troubles with that on my server with 3 nics, dunno why10:23
frinnstbut it was ignored somehow10:23
Romsteri had the issue on my firewall with 3 nics, i can't remeber why any of these 3 core 2's with a single nic that one had a net rules file for.10:24
Romstermaybe i had another nic in there for another task perhaps that i forgot about.10:25
frinnstI just pushed mesa 10.2.1 to 3.1. Works for me but please test :)11:11
Romsterthere 3 boxens upgraded to crux 3.111:14
RomsterConnection refused11:19
Romsterfuck and one wont let me in -_-11:20
Romsterand i messed up rc.conf no biggie11:27
Romsterone minor thing i have come across though because we have /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive my /etc/ports/contrib.rsync still says 3.0 and not 3.111:36
Romstercould we have a sed line in setup-helper for that jaeger?11:36
Romsterif file /etc/ports/contrib.rsync exists sed the 3.0 to 3.111:36
Romsteri bet alot will miss this.11:37
Romstersince contrib 3.0 will mostly work with crux 3.111:37
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jaegerjue: nice research, thanks for the info. I wonder if sepen would mind if we update it12:30
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frinnstjaeger: i doubt he'd mind16:12
jaegeryou're probably right, and he could revert it when he has time if he didn't like the change16:16
frinnsthm, my mesa3d update broke vdpau here at home16:16
frinnstdidnt notice it at work :)16:16
frinnsthm, or maybe my vdpau install was b0rked. rebuilding mesa3d solved it16:17
frinnststill have a lot of tearing with xv under glamor. vdpau works flawless16:18
frinnstnow I can enjoy "halt and catch fire" and game of thrones :)16:18
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