IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-06-14

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Romsterthere 5th machine on crux 3.106:18
Romsternot gonan upgrade the pentium d, i'm throwing that one out soon, and that leaves my desktop to upgrade.06:19
Romsteri see we don't have export LESSCHARSET="latin1" anymore?06:22
Romsteror is that added.06:22
Romsteri may ave kept it with rejmerge06:22
Romsterhave seen and i have seen funky chars with man pages as root and non-root.06:22
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jaegerfrinnst: do you have a link to that futex bug you were talking about in the kernel?18:17
jaegerI was trying to figure out if 3.12.x had been patched18:17
jaegerthere are quite a few things in the changelog for 3.12.22 that could match18:18
frinnstit has now18:29
frinnstfutex: Make lookup_pi_state more robust18:29
frinnstall the futex pi stuff patches it18:30
jaegernice, thanks19:10

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