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jaegerrc3 is uploading to now00:04
frinnstlovely. i might have a kvm machine i can upgrade with it07:45
frinnstoh, and my backupserver07:45
frinnstdid you speak to q5sys? just so he doesnt think we ignored him07:48
teK--I'd wanted to see/hear frinnst  :>08:12
frinnstthere ya go08:15
teK--Date/Time Original              : 2014:06:17 10:12:5508:15
teK--oh boy. What a service <308:15
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teK--that'll do. Let's stick with jaeger (+jue)08:16
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teK--that feeling when you watched a cool game trailer and suddenly it ends with the xbox and microsoft logos...08:23
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nrxtxteK--: a feeling which will not happen more often in the future i hope :D08:34
teK--it was cured by reading 'available for Windows, Mac and Linux later this year' quite often08:34
teK--it's _really_ awesome :)08:34
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mavrick61Hi all. Anyone I can PM, it concerning Crux server.11:53
frinnstsure and with me you can even snacka svenska :)11:59
jaegerfrinnst: not yet, was waiting for jue to give his opinion. q5sys did say he was leaving a message so I don't think there was a rush12:18
jaegermavrick61: if you haven't already talked to frinnst I'm around now12:19
frinnsthe has12:19
jaegerok, cool12:19
frinnsttek is updating it12:19
teK--even if it is not necessary12:20
frinnstseems charlie was sent a message on abuse@ regarding our apache being linked against a vuln openssl version12:20
teK--while not serving https :-)12:20
frinnstyum, kinder chocolate12:20
teK--first I will have to wait until the openssl source is downloadewd12:20
teK--with 5.8KB/s12:20
teK--fuck kinder! I'm ashamed of it :D12:21
jaegeris charlie still around?12:21
frinnsthaha its awesome12:21
jaegerwould like to fix up the rsync dns if possible12:21
teK--they really regged the .kinder TLD12:21
teK--they are the corporational evil12:21
teK--you cannot reg that. sorry.12:22
frinnstive not read up on the new tld. They wont be "public" i guess?12:22
frinnstThe program's goal is to enhance competition, innovation, and consumer choice.12:23
teK--it's bullshit12:24
teK--let's hope that corps spend money in vein and nobody will use these things ever12:24
frinnstyeah everybody will just go to .com anyways12:24
teK--funny thing.. I wanted to check the nationality of the .in TLD so I typed into chromium.. it opened the search page of Google :P12:25
teK--i.e. browser won't even recognize regular TLDs and now there's .kinder12:25
frinnstyeah non-updated browsers will have problems with it12:25
teK--I want to believe that .in is rather oldish? :)12:25
teK--DL speed went up to 7KB/s12:25
teK--ssl upgraded; services restarted12:39
teK--mavrick61: ----^12:39
teK--mailman and postfix were using the vulnerable libssl.12:40
frinnstlesson learnt from this: dont trust tek's assurances12:45
Amnesiajavascript must DIE12:51
teK--frinnst: I'm capable of admitting misconceptions12:55
teK--that can be a lesson, too12:55
teK--it's old already13:02
jaeger <-- anyone object to this for /etc/rc.d/net? basically just changed "manual" to "static" since romster didn't like that, and added a note about finding device names14:11
jaeger(for 3.1, not 3.0)14:11
jaegertechnicall you could still use "manual" or whatever you want since the script only really checks for "DHCP" or anything else14:12
juejaeger: thx for rc3, downloading now14:45
juejaeger: would really appreciate it, if you could take over the Linux Action Show talk14:47
juejaeger: and finally, no objections to the net changes :)14:49
jaegerNot sure I'm comfortable with talking on a show, honestly, heh14:50
jueI'm sure you are, but a least it's a 'can' not a 'must'14:58
jaegerHe did also say that it could be 2 or 3 of us if want to go that route14:59
Romsterthe way you have it even commenting out TYPE would go to static15:03
Romsterworks for me.15:03
jaegeryeah, it's simple (dumb)15:04
Romsteri used ip a but p link works equally as well.15:04
Romsterhopefully that comment will reduce confusion and less i can't find my network after upgrading questions.15:05
teK--I'd leave the hint about ip link out, tbh15:32
teK--no holding hands for absolute newbies!115:32
jaegerTell you what, you guys can decide on that while I'm gone for the week :)15:41
teK--take care15:44
teK--our fine press officer15:45
jaegerWon't be gone until tomorrow morning, so if there are issues with rc3 I can probably fix them before I go15:49
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jaegermight be best to downgrade nettle for now?17:42
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mavrick61I think the problem now is under investigation.18:57
mavrick61Speed issue: Have any one check mmi-tools on crux server. The NIC could be forced to 100 Mbps FD, and after some switch replacement all ports now operates in full auto.19:02
jaegermavrick61: any chance you could make a DNS change for us?19:07
jaegermavrick61: eth0: 100 Mbit, full duplex, link ok19:08
mavrick61jaeger: In auto mode..19:10
mavrick61can be some settings in rc.local which I made using mii-tools when I first set up Crux server19:11
mavrick61Yes I can change/add DNS setting19:12
mavrick61jaeger: I have the DNS record setting on my screen.. so just tell me what to do19:14
jaegermavrick61: for now would you just remove
jaegersorry, had a phone call19:18
mavrick61OK,. last change in DNS record was 200909220519:19 should be pointing to and currently but those are no longer valid19:20
jaegerIn the future maybe we'll bring it back but for now it'd be better to remove it entirely, I think19:20
jaegermavrick61: ah, I see it in rc.local, want me to remove that?19:22
frinnstjaeger: i just did19:22
frinnstnot sure how you reset it to auto with mii-tool19:22
jaegermii-tool -R; mii-tool -r19:23
frinnstfeeling brave? :)19:23
frinnstor should i reset it19:23
jaegerdone, though it renegotiated 100MB FD19:24
jaegereth0: link down19:24
jaegereth0: link up, 100Mbps, full-duplex, lpa 0x41E119:24
jaegerIf that's what the switch port is, then seems ok19:24
jaegermavrick61: thanks19:25
frinnstjust did a quick scp, ~600kb/s19:26
frinnstbut the speed issue has been intermittent previously19:26
frinnstlets hope this clears it up though19:27
jaegerwe'll see, I guess :)19:27
teK--thanks a lot for making my life easier, mavrick61  :-)19:27
teK--oh and frinnst reminded me of disabling root-logins -_-19:27
frinnstadded myself to sudo, hope nobody minds19:29
teK--making my life easier, again19:29
teK--if something is not right... egrep '.*sudo.*rehabdoll' /var/log/messages .. et voila :>19:30
teK--nah, just screwing with you. You're rather competent19:38
mavrick61Sorry. But the old switches to some NIC's didn't stay in the auto negotiated mode so I need to force them.19:49
jaegerno worries19:51
mavrick61If I can I'm glad to help. Is there any SMART checking on crux server, so it can send eMail if any disk have some serious problem. mdadm do it.. but SMART can giv hint before mdadm19:53
jaegersmartd doesn't appear to be running19:54
mavrick61We use on all our servers and it helps us a lot.19:57
jaegeryeah, probably a good idea19:59
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teK--I can take care of that20:37
teK--if no one else did20:38
jaegerI started it. sorry, should have said20:38
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jaegerspeaking of smart info, from sdd20:54
jaeger190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0x0022   001   001   045    Old_age   Always   FAILING_NOW 25320:54
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jaegerdisk with serial WD-WMANK147919321:03
teK--ok jaeger, who will receive the mails?21:16
jaegerno idea :) I'll check21:18
teK--there's an admin alias or so with mav, me  and frinnst or you21:19
teK--it's monitor21:19
jaegerI'll turn on some notifications to that address, we'll see if it's too noisy21:22
jaegerI don't know how much  it generates yet21:23
jaegergave it a pretty generic config for now21:24
jaegerwell, it generated a mail for that one error so that's good21:25
teK--got it21:26
teK--can it include the actual value, too?21:27
jaegermaybe, will look21:28
jaegeronly if you specify which ID you want :(21:28
teK--do you use /etc/
jaegerso we'd have to explicitly list any attribute ID we wanted to see a raw value for21:29
jaegerMe? no... I'm not very familiar with smartd21:30
jaegerif you want to change it by all means feel free. I'm no expert :)21:30
teK--I bet that you do, had a look at the current smart-package version and it really look slike the mail I just got21:30
teK--no expert.. pah21:30
teK--you are even more knowing than frinnst :>21:31
teK--wait, that sounds wrong21:31
jaegernot when it comes to smartd but thanks for the vote of confidence21:31
teK--I am no expert in it either but scripting is eeeasy21:32
teK--ok no script in this old version =)21:32
jaegerit didn't report the value in the syslog, either, just the attribute21:33
teK--I love sane defaults21:33
teK--compiling smartmontools 6.221:34
nrxtxwhat is the correct directory for usr/share/locale ?21:37
teK--we do not ship locales21:37
nrxtxso just omit them?21:38
teK--it sometimes even helps to delete all files in po/ priot to compilation ;)21:38
teK--recently a port woulkd screwupthat part, so I ripped that out :PO21:38
teK--yes, basically21:38
nrxtxi think jaeger has one of the cleanest third party repos :D21:39
teK--because he closed down his gnome repo ;-)21:39
jaegernobody used it besides me and rrm3, I think :P21:40
jaegerand I don't really like gnome 321:40
teK--it was a selling point for CRUX :]21:40
jaegerdo you think so? I was never sure21:41
teK--I  heard that we are too small to span the 'important' ports more than once21:41
teK--notice how the second smart mail does not list the NIS domain anymore :D21:42
jaegerstill doesn't list the raw value but it does look a bit better21:43
jaegerincluding the device serial number is nice21:43
teK--I did not change it yet21:43
jaegerjue: regarding the show thing I think it would actually be coolest if we were all involved, honestly21:45
teK--shy guy? really? ._.21:54
jaegermaybe tek and frinnst could have a fight on the show21:54
jaegerthat's what crux is really about21:54
teK--that is so untrue21:55
teK--I'd like to say that we have a resoponsive character composition or something like that21:55
teK--the chemsitry is just perfect <321:56
jaegerfancy words21:56
jaegernrxtx: cleanest? it's pretty small :) but I appreciate the compliment21:57
teK--I got the details into the warning mail but without formatting21:57
teK--how is that even possible21:57
teK--I did var=$(smartctl -a $dev)21:58
jaegerhtml mail?21:58
teK--Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii21:58
nrxtxjaeger: compared by prtverify output/total number21:59
teK--as usual with shell scripting: quotation marks fixed things, putting the script into production22:00
jaegernrxtx: ah22:01
nrxtx (last column)22:02
jaegeryeah, just looking at that now22:02
teK--what does it tell?22:04
nrxtxteK--: the prtverify output: fatal,error,warning,info22:05
teK--ah ok22:05
teK--it could be a link to a popup or separate listing with the output of prtverify22:06
teK--i.e. details22:06
nrxtxteK--: you'll see them when you open the port detail page22:06
teK--I see22:06
teK--the detail page should list the maintainer22:08
teK--I like the duckduckgo links for .md5sum22:10
teK--may be you could replace the Third-Party / Official buttons in the updated yesterday box on the start page by the actual repo name and encode its status by colors or symbols22:11
teK--maybe you could include a short (10 entries?) history summary of updates per repository22:14
teK--so one can estimate the maintainer's activity index (or you could calculate something like that, too)22:14
nrxtxi don't keep a complete history only the date of the last update, and i guess this index is not representative due it depends on the developer of the progrrrrrrrrrrrrrram how active a maintainer has to be22:15
nrxtxah damn lags of keyboard22:16
teK--yes but still interesting :-)22:19
teK--and now I'm off22:20
teK--to something. gn8 fellas22:20

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