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RomsterteK--, you can answer all the network questions then02:52
Romster190 Airflow_Temperature_Cel 0x0022   001   001   045    Old_age   Always   FAILING_NOW 253 <- what the never seen that one before.02:56
Romsterand is that raw value 45 for 45C thats hardly over heating.02:56
Romsterhdds should be good to 55C but i prefer to run them around 40C for best life span.02:56
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frinnstwas nettle reverted, or should we revert it?07:57
frinnsti doubt sepen will even notice there's an issue07:57
Romsteri thought of either reverting it or making nettle208:25
juefrinnst: IMO we should revert it with a notify, it's a serious bug that needs to be fixed soon08:38
Romsterhow ports does it affect and why is gnutls aware of it but no patches.08:39
frinnstjue +108:42
teK--frinnst: sepen was notified09:37
teK--that's why I commented on FS#102309:37
teK--Romster: :-) I was just making a suggestion09:40
frinnstteK--: did you send him an email and did he actually respond?09:44
teK--flyspray did09:44
frinnsti sent him an email a while back and it bounced a week later09:44
frinnsti think his email redirects to, and email is not setup on that server since pitillo moved it09:44
teK--oh gawd09:45
teK--it's all his wifeys fault ._.09:45
teK--+1 for reverting ASAP.09:46
teK--someone asked for updates from 3.0 to 3.1 .. I don't think a normal ports -u; prt-get sysup will do?09:46
teK--i.e. the ISO will be required to upgrade?09:47
RomsterteK--, the guy asked if he can upgrade from a rc to the final crux 3.109:48
teK--no he didnt ;)09:49
teK--00:54 < pidsley> when it comes out of rc, will i have to reinstall, or can i continue to update my 3.0 installs?09:49
Romsterout of rc09:49
teK--update my 3.0 installs?09:49
Romsteri read it wrong09:49
Romsternot enough time fast readng and i got 5 boxens on 3.1 rc209:50
teK--no problem; misread it, too09:50
Romsterhe said rc to final so i assumed he was on the rc.09:52
Romstermy fault not reading the entire sentience09:52
teK--hilighted him, problem solved :]09:53
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jueFYI, just added tags for our rc's to core/opt/xorg git18:13
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frinnsti just reverted nettle21:17
nrxtxteK--: you were interested in some repo specific stats, just check the front page ;)23:49
nrxtxRom.sters idea of prtverify was very good :)23:51

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