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Romsternrxtx, i would love to see ABI change information on ports but that might be out of your scope?07:56
nrxtxRomster: yes that's out of scope and requires built packages, that's more likely something for prologics binary packages08:30
Romsterah he could do that yeah.08:33
frinnstfakeroot fail?08:35
nrxtxi hope i don't make you to much additional work by exposing that information :)08:40
Romsteri really need to test my stuff more.08:42
Romsternrxtx, i do have an idea though, send email notfications on prtverify errors08:48
nrxtxhm, like a fixed set of people or like following/subscribing different repos?08:51
Romsternot sure but emailng the maintainer of the port if new version in past day still has an error?08:58
Romsteror maybe make a simple login system so we can subscribe to what repos/maintaners08:58
Romsterand show on a custom page just our ports with errors. theirs a thought, filter for just ports with errors/warnings/notices08:59
Romsternrxtx, note i'm just throwing out ideas not all are good.09:00
nrxtxyeah only thinking on the ideas, pages and filtering might be a good idea and i think i can use list.js or something without much effort, also for the footprints which are sometimes really big09:02
Romsteryou could do some html funkyness to [...] any long footprints. and a more link to unhide it in css/dom09:03
Romsterso the entire footprint is always there but just long ones are not shown completely.09:04
nrxtxuh never look at the texlive port ;)09:07
nrxtxyou've been warned09:07
Romsteris currently broken.09:08
Romsteri know09:08
Romsterneed to figure out what is wrong with that.09:08
nrxtxi mean in loading the footprint into the browser :D09:08
Romstercan't really avoid it with texlive09:08
Romsteri thought about shortening the .footprint on propose and relying on users using -in09:09
nrxtxmaybe i hide the footprint completly and only show it on purpose09:09
Romsterput the footprint ina  div and have a show/hide css property?09:12
nrxtxi think i really have to generate the footprint html tags on request, because even when hiding it makes the browser freezing09:14
Romstereh so it can't process that much in the browser, in a timely manor.09:17
Romsterthat is very damn nice.09:39
Romsteryou should make the icons clockable and clicking on them goes to the filtered list of that repository09:39
nrxtxit's the same as the small chart on the front page, just in numbers09:39
nrxtxRomster: click on the repo name in the front09:40
nrxtxit gives you a filtered list09:40
Romsteroh hey a stats graph that's new09:40
nrxtxshows the same as on the tools page, except its in % an not that detailed09:42
Romsteraspell-pl $a_ver.$a_date.$a_release09:42
nrxtxsomeones coding the version numbers as vars :D09:44
Romsterah i need another coffee then i'll think about fixing some stuff/updates09:45
nrxtxnot parsable atm for me, since it is not executed during the parsing09:45
Romsteryeah understandable, but i wasn't even aware of that.09:45
nrxtxsome are even generating the version with $(date ...)09:46
nrxtxsome -git ports have it09:46
Romstersome probably do kernel version too09:56
Romstergot soup instead. so damn cold today10:00
Romsterthe "Alternative repositories" I would love to be able to select a unified diff of current port on my screen to the others.10:05
Romsterthe missing file viewing is getting to me no P f m10:06
nrxtxP f m?10:09
Romsteras in the crux portdb vew files of Pkgfile footprint md5sum though md5sum and footprint is now redundant.10:11
Romsterseeing the build Pkgfile and being able to compare that with other "Alternative repositories"10:12
Romstermight be out of your scope though and best to use other tools to compare maybe.10:12
nrxtxah :) yeah totally forgot about that, but remebers me the the current portdb generates broken links for github repos10:12
nrxtxmaybe teK-- can fix that10:13
Romsterits something i do though. browse other repositories of duplicate ports, and i sometimes add changes others have done.10:13
Romsterbeing able to compare patches and Pkgfiles would be awesome and show only maintainer ports. so i can see only mine in contrib for example.10:14
Romstercore opt have a ton of different maintainers10:15
Romsterbeing able to see only your own or someone elses to check for errors etc.10:15
Romsternrxtx, i forgot about this that sepen did too,%20monster%20dot%20romster%20at%20gmail%20dot%20com10:24
nrxtxRomster: P F M is now there10:55
Romsteri see it.11:02
Romsterand i started to tidy my bench instead. that i've been neglecting todo11:13
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