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frinnstI just pushed a qt4 update. hopefully nothing broke and sepen wont be upset.00:11
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teK--us pushing updates for makes him decide to drop out more probable08:48
teK--jaeger: the airflow value (of 253) measured by smart is shit :P08:51
teK--encoding git revisions into $version is rather useless, too08:56
teK--wrt github, nrxtx there's no 'right' url to a repo. does not work, etc. does work08:59
teK--we could link to though08:59
frinnstteK--: yeah but it closed one FS bug :)09:30
teK--it sucks the way it is. No doubt.09:40
frinnstqt4 was a 40412:05
frinnstseems 3.15 removed jumboframe support on my 1000e nic :(12:06
teK--sounds odd12:10
teK--[tek@pita][~]% sudo ip link set dev eth0 mtu 4075 || true12:14
teK--RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument12:14
teK--[tek@pita][~]% sudo ip link set dev eth0 mtu 407412:14
teK--this is on 3.15.0 with the e1000e driver12:14
teK--the docu also says that you cannot use jumbo frames in 10/100mbit/s networks12:16
Romsterwell jumbo frames was a extension with gigabit.12:37
Romsterguys sepen seems far too busy these days. is there any hope he will return. or would it be in our best interests to redistrubte the ports to active maintainers? or do we just all pitch in and update/maintain sepens stuff?12:44
frinnsti am using 1gbit12:44
Romsterand they removed jumbo frames?12:45
Romsteroff that NIC?12:45
frinnststarted to clone off git to see the history but oh man: Receiving objects:   2% (96252/3917980), 39.43 MiB | 28.00 KiB/s12:45
nrxtxteK--: no it's just one / to much in the url12:53
Romsterit'll be a long history12:54
nrxtx is the url of portdb links to but it has to be .../master/irrlicht/Pkgfile12:55
nrxtxthe // confuses the github server12:55
frinnst268   - Jumbo Frames cannot be configured on an 82579-based Network device, if12:55
frinnst269     MACSec is enabled on the system.12:56
teK--you're using that?12:59
teK--nrxtx: ?13:00
nrxtxteK--: just check the P F M links13:00
nrxtxtheres a // in it13:01
teK--is this the case for all github-based ports?13:01
teK--it appears to be.13:01
nrxtxhave a switch in my portdb, when there is already an / then no additional one is appended13:02
nrxtxgithub only likes single / :D13:02
teK--I'd like to fix the repo URL first13:03
teK-- vs.
frinnstteK--: not that i know :)13:03
nrxtxteK--: you have to use the raw one13:04
nrxtxotherwise sync does not work13:04
teK--still the docu says I can have frames with 9216 bytes. Won't figure that out NOW.13:04
teK--not for the URL in the repo listing13:04
teK-- <--13:04
teK--I have to figure the portdb script out first; never worked that much with it13:05
teK--and of course I love doing PHP13:06
teK--ok I don't have the nerve to fix this. I'll look into it next week OR accept patches happily13:17
nrxtxis the crux portdb frontend in the repositories?14:14
RomsterDanny Rawlinks14:56
Romsteri forgot about that14:56
teK--no worries, mate. We can stick a wrist-tap with your name on it at your arms, too15:15
Romsterthey have GPS bracelets15:37
teK--and RFID-based ones, too.15:37
teK--or something else, but passive and working with WLAN hotspots15:37
Romsterwould have to have a reader near by for those.15:38
Romsteror self powered with a battery15:38
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teK--I need your opnion19:33
teK--I am going to add a udev rule for /dev/kvm19:33
teK--should I name it 60-kvm.rules{,.inactive} and make it the/not default reuqire an existing kvm group?19:34
teK--I'll stick with what virtualbox does.19:44
teK--thx, though :P19:44
frinnstYOURE WELCOME19:44
frinnsthow does udev handle this though, does it still set up the dev node?19:44
teK--sure, why not?19:45
teK--or did you mean eudev?19:45
teK--% cat /etc/udev/rules.d/60-kvm.rules19:46
teK--KERNEL=="kvm", NAME="kvm", OWNER="root", GROUP="wheel", MODE="0660"19:46
teK--% ll /dev/kvm19:46
teK--crw-rw---- 1 root wheel 10, 232 [2014/06/20] /dev/kvm19:46
frinnsti assumed your rule would set owner kvm:kvm or something. and what happens if the user/group does not exist?19:47
teK--that's why I'm asking, so I will provide a pre-install script adding the group, too19:48
teK--running qemu-kvm as root is just stupid19:48
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