IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2014-06-22

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RomsterteK__, can you switch babl from ftp: to http: on its source url. works while there ftp has been down awhile
Romsteralso on Download server renamed to, no FTP anymore03:08
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Romsterfrinnst, pango is at 1.36.306:32
Romsteronly real change though is Avoid a crash when FT_Face is null06:33
Romsterand atk is at 2.12.006:34
Romsternow compat-32 is in sync with 3.0 and 3.1 again.08:40
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frinnsthm, wonder why my ck4up hasnt picked it up12:43
frinnstteK__: ntp is a bit troublesome when there is no network available - it never times out13:28
frinnstso no console....13:28
frinnstrather, no shell13:28
frinnstanyways, just upgraded my 3rd box to 3.1-rc3. no issues other than the nic renaming stuff and ntp never timing out so boot is never completet14:05
frinnstI'll leave atk as is for 3.0. last update was a year ago and I'm unable to test it on 3.014:37
teK__frinnst: ntpdate supports a -t timeout switch, mind test that? I can add it to the port then14:45
teK__Romster: will fix tomorrow night14:46
frinnstteK__: sure14:46
frinnstbut ntpd does not seem to support it..14:47
teK__so you were using that?14:48
frinnsthow about just adding a & ?14:49
teK__will dig into that also tomorrow night14:49
teK__yeah that's one way, did that with ntpdate , too14:49
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