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juenew rsync is a bit problematic, if build with system zlib I get warnings like the following when running ports -u:12:44
juebuilding with internal zlib works of course12:45
jueTBH, I don't understand the reason, NEWS and man-page are not very clear for me12:46
juehere's the NEWS url ->
juemaybe they have modified the bundled zlib for their needs ...12:47
juefrinnst: mesa 10.2.2 is out, should we do another try to use it for 3.1?12:49
juefrinnst: or better stick with 10.1.6 which has been released as well yesterday?12:50
jaegerodd thing with rsync, I guess it's a choice between using the internal zlib or changing the ports driver12:57
jueyeah, but as rsync has obviously less features with system zlib, we should probably better use the bundled zlib13:19
juethough, I'm not sure at all ;)13:20
jaegerI doubt it's a big issue to use the bundled one13:28
frinnstjue: 10.2.2 should contain the fixes i reported to them13:35
frinnstotherwise it worked great for me13:35
frinnstyep, its in there13:37
frinnstyeah lets use the bundled zlib for now. they seemed to do misc magic with it. who knows what else will break switching to our zlib?13:39
jaegergood times13:40
jaegerAnyone mess with rc3 while I was gone? Any issues?13:41
frinnstyeah i upgraded my last physical machine with it13:41
frinnstno issues other than if renaming13:41
frinnstand ntpd stalling bootup when no network was available. but i think tek fixed that (or he forgot about it)13:42
juejaeger: works fine for me too, everything seems really soild13:51
juebtw, I'll be on a longer vacation, starting end of next week, estimated until end of july14:03
jaegerGoing anywhere fun?14:04
juehope so, we are going to the "Ostsee"14:05
jaegernice :)14:06
jueyeah :)14:08
juehope that I have the time and energy to read mails from time to time and do some crux stuff14:09
juebut it would be nice if we could release 3.1 before ...14:09
jaegerI'm pretty happy with it, myself. As long as there are no big changes coming soon I think that'd be ok. (By big changes I just mean things that add a lot of compile time.)14:10
jaegerIt's nice not to have to do a bunch of long updates right after an upgrade or new install :)14:11
jueyeah, that's true14:11
juehave to run now but will be back in about 2 hours, maybe we can discuss than how to proceed14:21
juegreat, later14:25
jaegertake care14:26
frinnstim happy with where we are now14:55
jaegerglad to hear it :)14:56
Romsteri haven't been game to upgrade my main desktop yet. but i got 5 other crux 3.1 boxes here all going fine.15:08
frinnstpushed 3.1/mesa3d15:52
jaegerok, will give it a try15:56
jueok, I'm back16:46
jaegerwelcome back16:46
juethx :)16:46
juejust saw that a new lvm release is out, probably something we should use16:47
jaegerworth a look, certainly16:48
juethere are two docu things for the handbook from our TODO31 open, should we add them?16:50
jueand of course the ChangeLog, but that's as always my task16:50
juesorry, I forgot to ask whether it's ok for all to do the release the next days?16:52
juewe have oc the option to delay it, or to do the release without me16:53
jaegerI think we can do it in the next few days pretty easily if mesa3d doesn't cause issues16:53
juejaeger: do you have other open points to do?17:01
jaegernothing big. I'll update the kernel to 3.12.22 on the ISO but otherwise I don't think so17:03
juefrinnst: mesa works fine for me with intel17:07
jaegerit hasn't blown up my workstation here yet (nvidia)17:07
juelooking at lvm now17:12
teK__jaeger: 3.12.23 :]17:40
jaegermust have just hit today, I looked at this morning :)17:41
jaegerprobably easy enough to update, I'll look at it this evening. pretty busy fixing vmware crap today :/17:41
teK__good luck17:42
jaegerNearly done with that, on to homefolder backup permissions next... yay17:42
nrxtxhi teK__  got the patch?17:43
teK__looking at it rightnow17:44
nrxtxno hurry17:45
nrxtxonly didn't know if the link expired17:45
teK__yeah so this fixed things for github P F M17:56
teK__me like17:57
nrxtxi hope it does, did not have the environment for running it17:57
teK__it's live at
nrxtxlooks good17:58
nrxtxnot as complex as the code of my portdb :)18:20
nrxtxCleanest third-party repo is currently "vico"18:28
jaegerI should update my xbmc port, might as well clean it up at the same time18:59
frinnstheh, my repo is shiiit19:11
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jueadded one sentence to each Intro and Install of our handbook 3.1, please have a look and improve/correct, thanks :)19:32
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jaegers/needs/need/ in Intro19:36
jaegerotherwise changes look good :)19:36
jaegerI suppose at this point the crux64 ML is obsolete19:38
jaegerwe should change i686 to x86_64 on the CRUX ML description, too19:38
jueyeah, good points19:58
frinnstjue: i get this with the new eudev: udevd[184]: specified group 'input' unknown20:04
frinnstwhatever that is20:04
jaegerthere are references in rules files to an input group, probably20:04
frinnstsure is20:04
frinnst50-udev-default.rules:SUBSYSTEM=="input", GROUP="input"20:05
jaegerprobably a good group to have20:05
juehere's the commit ->
jaegerI think that's a good change, I had to do it myself for using my joystick anyway, or gamepad in steam20:14
jaegerI vote we add an input group to the system20:15
juefrinnst: ok for you?20:19
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frinnstsure, no problem here21:17
frinnstoh endless regressions in 3.15/3.1622:04
frinnstbtrfs and radeon :/22:04
jaegerI regress nothing!22:05
jaegeryay for setting acls recursively on a huge smb share22:18
jaegerthat's going to take many hours22:18
frinnstoh, lovely22:21
jaegeryay for command line tools to do it22:31
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