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Romsterjue, jaeger that's one thing i was gonna sugest the cdrom group can we make it optical and alter it to optical in udev as well?03:06
Romsterthese days it's better to just use "odd" or optical as we have cdr more likely now dvd and an increasing number of blu ray drives. still waiting on the holographic 1tb disc :P03:07
Romsteror maybe put that in for crux 3.203:08
Romsterafk work03:09
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frinnstany thoughts on the ml post regarding  --enable-libstdcxx-time ?11:53
frinnstseems to build just fine with 3.112:02
jaegerI wonder if it affects or breaks anything else12:03
jaegeraside from what he mentions in the mail, at least12:03
frinnstdamn, subscribing to oss-sec is depressing12:07
Romsteri did hit that for some port update but i forgot what needed it now.12:10
Romsternewer webkit requires another option on gcc in core 3.0 --enable-libstdcxx-time12:16
Romsteryeah webkit requires it.12:16
Romsteri can't update it otherwise.12:16
frinnstbut it works in 3.1, right?12:21
frinnsti say we just leave 3.0 as is right now with regard to the toolchain and just focus on getting 3.1 out12:21
Romsteryeah i agree we wont be updating 3.0 much longer.12:23
Romsterdoes 3.1 have any show stopper bugs really?12:24
jaegerI don't think so12:31
Romsterbuilding everything i use on my system see if i get any build failures if not i'll upgrade my desktop.12:38
Romsterthen i can add my desktop to my distcc again and have 18 real cores12:38
Romsterabout -j24 to account for tcp packets other overheads.12:39
Romsteri was looking about and saw interface cards that has direct access to the cpu and memory of each machine. than to go over a NIC interface.12:40
Romsterthat would truly turn all these boxes into one transparent mini mainframe.12:41
frinnstRomster: does the webkit update build on your 3.1 system?12:54
Romsterif it didn't i wouldn't have bumped it. it was included in the new C++ spec12:56
frinnstah, dont use webkit myself so missed that12:56
Romsterjust can not on 3.012:56
Romsterno big deal, webkit works jsut can't bump it anymore on 3.012:57
Romsteronce i move my desktop to 3.1 i'll be fine though.12:57
frinnstbtw, you might want to keep a lookout for a fix for this in ffmpeg:
Romstersaw that the other day but i dunno when a bug fix be out.13:05
Romsterand it's taken thins long to see that bug.13:06
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