IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2014-06-28

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jaegerIt's only a matter of time until udev is not seperable from systemd, seems like18:57
jaegerkinda expected that for a long time, unfortunately18:57
teK__what's the matter if udev is killed as long there's eudev?20:37
teK__more interestingly we will have to see which systemd-free kdbus-user-space components will be needed & available for apps like wicd20:37
jaegerI guess that depends on whether or not they're really developing eudev or if it's just pulled out of systemd20:38
jaegerIf they are, perhaps it'll continue without issues20:38
teK__they? Gentoo?20:39
teK__and I swear to all the gods20:39
jaegerspecifically the eudev group20:39
teK__if I ONE time EVER have to read again that systemd is MODERN (for what reason?) I will go crazy20:39
teK__>  It is supported in Gentoo as an alternate init20:40
teK__so as long the 'alternate' holds eudev should be safe20:40
teK__afk again..20:45
frinnstwell if it becomes difficult to maintain they might abandon it and move gentoo over to systemd completely20:52
frinnstguess there's always bsd :)20:52
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frinnstbtw, jaeger and jue did you get my mail regarding the show thingy?20:58
frinnstim not sure it was understandable :)20:58
jaegerI just read it. August is probably best since jue will be gone until the end of july if I remember correctly21:00
frinnstits the 4th week in august, not the 3rd as first stated21:02
jaegeryeah, I see that as well21:02
frinnstthe tuesday show is 2pm, you might be tied up with work stuff? no issue for me and i guess jue due to the time difference21:03
jaegerI could probably do it but if not, you guys can handle it :)21:04
jaegerThe other day is no problem21:04
frinnstcomplete log:
jaegerso actually it sounds like the sunday thing is just them... then they interview tuesday21:07
frinnstyeah I guess now that i read it again21:08
jaegereither way I think it'll be interesting21:08
frinnsti got the impression that tuesday would be more of a q&a21:08
jaegerah, ok21:09
frinnstyep, might be fun :)21:09
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frinnstI'll ask21:10

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