IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2014-06-30

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Romsterdesktop on crux 3.108:24
Romsterthat was not fun broke alot of stuff08:25
nrxtxRomster: which method did you use to use clang for building a repository?10:19
Romsteri just set CC and CXX to "distcc clang"10:20
Romsterand distcc clang++ for CXX10:21
Romsteri hadn't done muc else but on one machine recompile what will compile with clang in core.10:21
Romsterfew things have failed though.10:21
frinnstRomster: yeah, libpng :)10:48
Romsterlibpng libjpeg/libjpeg-turbo largely had alot todo with it.11:19
frinnstlibjpeg should have been pretty harmless but libpng is a paiiiin11:22
Romsteryeah libpng was the worst, couldn't we just keep or something -_-11:41
Romsterso only rebuilds get to linkot the new libpng.so11:42
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juejaeger: IIRC, your plan was to build another iso and not to release rc3 as final?18:39
jaegerI've been a bit disconnected from CRUX work  for the last week+, are there any big (long compile time) changes since rc3?18:40
jueno, don't see any bigger, but on important thing after rc3:18:42
juenew eudev and the "input" group18:43
jaegeryeah, would be nice to have those in. I think that building a new ISO with those wouldn't need much testing18:43
jueyes, my thoughts as well18:44
juebtw, I've delayed my vacation for one week, so I have a bit more time for help with the release18:46
jaegersorry to you've delayed, are you going to stay  on vacation longer to make up for it?18:47
jaegers/to/to hear/18:47
jueyes :)18:47
jaegergood :)18:49
jueare you able to build a new iso the next days?18:58
juesorry, I mean do you have the time to do it :)18:59
jaegerI should be able to this evening, most likely18:59
frinnstjue: ack on the email and no worries23:19
frinnstteK__: new gnupg again23:20
teK__may I go to bed now?23:25
jaegerhome now, long day23:46

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