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Romsterthe only issues i have is the compat-32 ports injection/removal07:45
Romsterand input group missing07:45
Romsterdhcpcd update since it was bumped now fails if I set CC="ccache gcc". It never used to fail at configure time until the update.07:47
Romsteroh and cdparnoia fails to build on my system no 16bit type. i only had that in a chroot but now it does that on my system as well jue07:48
Romsterhad reported that ages ago. pretty much fed up with that, gentoo has a bunch of patches for it.07:48
Romsteri'll make my own port of it07:48
juegood morning08:08
jueRomster: cdparanoia builds for me on 3.0 and 3.1 and sorry, I don't remember that you've reported that earlier08:10
Romsterin irc quite along time ago08:10
Romsterbut it was a works for you. i cna recrate it in a chroot and have been for a number of years. i never made a formal bug afak08:11
juehmm, probably I was unable to reproduce your error?08:11
Romsterhmm maybe it's my use of CC=ccache gcc08:11
Romstertsts with CC unset08:11
jueyep, please do that08:12
Romsterbecause i use that eveywhere even in all my chroots08:12
Romsterah it's my CC="ccache gcc" that causes it.08:14
Romstercdparanoia-32 i fixed it so it would work.08:14
Romsterwhy does stuff break when i use that.08:16
Romsterand it's only a cou0le of ports the rest work fine no other issues.08:16
Romsterits good enough to do autereconf and --mandir=$PKG/usr/man jue, if you would be so kind to do that, but its really my fault for using my own CC/CXX.08:24
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jueRomster: ok09:09
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jaeger*ALWAYS* test without ccache/distcc13:14
jaegerif there's a problem13:14
jaegerthey caused SO much grief during multilib development13:14
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jaegerRunning into an annoying problem since yesterday: xscreensaver crashes on my workstation here at work, unlocking the screen13:16
jaegercame in this morning and it was unlocked again. Happened yesterday as well13:16
jaegerRebuilding a few things due to the xorg-server update anyway, maybe the problem will be solved13:19
frinnstxautolock + slock ftw13:28
jaegerIf this doesn't fix it I'll try those, thanks for the tip13:28
frinnststill, strange13:38
frinnstsegfault? did you get a trace?13:39
jaegerno segfault that I could see, just a silent exit13:39
jaegernothing in the xorg log13:39
jaegerYeah, very odd13:40
frinnstnot what you want from xscreensaver13:40
jaegerindeed not :)13:40
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jaegerargh, I forgot to update the iproute net rc script19:16
jaegerdoing that now19:19
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frinnsti really think we should move libvdpau over to xorg21:13
frinnstthey even announce new releases on the xorg-announce mailinglist :)21:14
jaegerno objections from me21:29
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frinnstare you rolling a final iso now?22:58
jaegerbootstrapping, at least. I think we might still need to tweak some bits of the handbook or something23:29
frinnstah, yeah that's true23:49

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