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jaegerFor example, we should probably add some text about the new device naming scheme. Not much, just something that says, "NOTE: shit changed, here's the documentation." with a link01:01
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teK___we did?06:07
teK___as in I did?06:07
Romsterwho what i stepped in and not read the backlog06:10
RomsterteK___, while your active, you use texlive?06:10
Romsterif oyu do i have a proposition for you. to take over libsigsegv clang and texlive06:11
teK___why me? I did not do anything wrong ._.06:26
Romsteri'm trying to pass off that monster06:34
Romsteryou can decline if you like06:34
teK___I tried 'updating' that thing once06:35
teK___give me a 'sec'..06:36
teK___I giving it a try on my main machine; as my router decided to die last night I will be offline for quite some time (switching the internet cable away from this machine)06:38
teK___later, homies06:38
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frinnstRomster: thoughs about moving libvdpau to xorg?10:33
frinnst23:14 <@frinnst> they even announce new releases on the xorg-announce mailinglist :)10:33
Romsteri was looking at that. but then there is other ports in opt that depend on xorg. move one gotta move more than just libvdpau10:34
Romsterthats where i saw the announce to update it.10:35
Romsteri suppose all libraries that depend on xorg should be in xorg.10:36
Romsteri guess libva can also be in xorg10:42
frinnstwell opt stuff are free to depend on xorg. I just think libvdpau is more suited in xorg10:44
frinnstbut yeah, things are not as clear as they were a few years ago10:45
frinnstIm fine with either, but i must admit that i've often tried to $ cd /usr/ports/xorg/libvdpau :)10:46
frinnstergo my suggestion is based purely on my own selfish interests ;)10:46
juefrinnst: +1 from me for the libvdpau move10:53
Romsterand libva in xorg as well?11:00
Romsterlibva-vdpau-driver? where do i stop.11:01
frinnstI dont use libva so im not really up to date on how it's all connected11:06
jueRomster: no, wouldn't do that, only libvdpau11:07
jueand build mesa with vdpau support11:07
jueso the user can install the other ports from opt without the need to rebuild mesa11:08
Romsterwell that's another port to go on the iso then.11:08
juesh*, probably a too bit late for 3.1?11:10
Romsterah no idea...11:11
Romsterwish i was told this sooner11:11
Romsterwell it can be in xorg but the edit to mesa3d dunno would have to see jaeger11:12
Romsterit's in xorg.git now at least.11:15
Romsterwas the input group done?11:17
Romsterthe net script could be made to use an array on ADDR since i use 2 binded static IPs on one interface. but this is probably not worth catering for.11:32
Romsteri just added an extra line thant o do an array though /sbin/ip addr add dev ${DEV}11:33
Romsterah i need to merge that in, i usually skip the user/shadow/group files on merges.11:38
Romsterthere input group sorted.11:42
teK___there's libva-intel, too11:46
teK___btw Romster I refurbished your texlive port cutting the package size to a half (800M) by deleting the documentation11:47
teK___also I avoided copying around 3GB consisting of many small files11:47
teK___I did not measure building time but I have a feeling that it was reduced tremendously11:47
teK___oh and footprint was reduced by 1MB :P11:49
teK___and I did get rid of the patch files, too11:49
Romsterdo you want it or provide me a unified diff of your work11:49
Romsterits a pain in the butt11:50
teK___first: still not sure second: sure11:50
teK___the thing is .. I occasionaly compile my bachelor's/master's thesis or a CV. I'm neither a big time user nor a real expert in terms of latex11:52
Romsternether am i11:54
Romsterand i stupidly take on too many ports.11:54
teK___I respect that11:54
teK___so I think I'll take it11:54
Romstercool and libsigsegv clisp as nothing seems to use those other than texlive but those are low maintenance.11:56
teK___so it won't work without clisp?11:56
teK___I personally do hate RMS, Emacs and thus lisp.   :D11:56
Romsteri'm not sure feel free to try without11:56
Romsteri'll drop them if it works without.11:57
Romsteri don't see anything else using them two ports11:57
teK___btw was there a reason you did not delete the texmf/source directory?11:57
Romsteri followed another distros build file, because it was so massive and complex.11:58
Romstermodified it to suit crux.11:58
teK___meaning I will cut that out until someone complains11:58
Romsterit really is massive and i have no clue what even 3/4 of it does.11:59
teK___btw you need 4.5GB RAM to build that thing in a tmpfs11:59
Romsterso if you can cut it down and it still works go for it.11:59
teK___if you do copy things like the current port, its 7.5GB :p11:59
Romsterhas access to 12GB or so.12:00
teK___compiling said documents worked like a charm12:00
Romsterbut i'm sure others will not like that size as it is now.12:00
teK___good for you but that's not the minimum consent (12GB RAM)12:00
Romsteri know12:00
Romsterif ya using texlive though expect big12:00
Romsterso uh clisp can i nuke it :D12:01
teK___not today12:01
teK___still without decent internet access12:01
teK___things are on my big machine without internet access at all12:01
teK___but yeah in a day or two I will give notice12:01
Romsterk let me know when or feel free to nuke that and libsigsegv12:02
teK___will do12:02
Romsterpoor router12:02
Romsternot fun rebuilding and configuring12:02
teK___yeah, worked really well for the last >35000 hours12:02
Romsteri already dropped 3 ports earlier.12:02
Romstercouldn't see any real use for them12:03
jaegerjue: It's no problem for me if we want to get that libvdpau change into 3.1. It's easy enough to build another ISO, just takes several hours to bootstrap.12:37
jaegerFor reference:12:40
jaegerBootstrap started    (2014-07-01 14:45:28)12:40
jaegerBootstrap completed  (2014-07-01 19:59:05)12:40
teK___(libva-intel is hosted by freedesktop, too.)12:41
frinnstdoes mesa3d link with libva if available?13:11
juefrinnst: don't looks like, at least no .footprint change and finddeps doesn't report anything new14:45
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juejaeger: not sure about the whole video stuff, my main motivation for the integration of libvdpau is to avoid a rebuild of mesa14:55
juefrinnst: IIRC you are building mesa with libvdpau installed?14:56
frinnstxv sucks with glamor - no vertical sync. so I use vdpau everywhere15:08
jueare there any problematic points if we build mesa with the vdpau stuff?15:11
jaegerjue: avoiding rebuilds is nice, no complaints here.15:12
jaegerI'm in a training session for about 3 hours starting now, will be slow to respond15:12
juejaeger: ok, let's do it than15:14
juewill commit a new mesa soon15:15
jueadded a sentence about mesa to our ReleaseNotes and to TODO3116:25
juejaeger: I've pushed the required changes for packages.xorg and setup-helper to iso.git16:31
frinnstjue: the only problematic stuff is some users will need to install an extra port17:12
jueok :)17:42
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